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Nowy Sacz. Final verdict after the accident at the railway crossing in Szaflary. The trainee died, the examiner was convicted

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The District Court in Nowy Sącz upheld the sentence of 1.5 years in prison for the examiner after a tragic accident in 2018, in which an 18-year-old student died. A young woman, while taking her driving test, stopped at a railway crossing and was unable to move. Examiner Edward R. ran out of the car before the train hit, now convicted of causing a fatal accident and failing to help an 18-year-old. The judgment is final.

On Wednesday, a final judgment was passed before the District Court in Nowy Sącz after a tragic accident that took place at the end of August 2018 in Szaflary, Lesser Poland. An 18-year-old student died after a collision with a train at a railway crossing. Convicted the examiner managed to get out of the car in time, but he did not help the young woman.

The court upheld the sentence of 1.5 years in prison for examiner Edward R., who fell in 2022 in the first instance before the District Court in Nowy Sącz.

The prosecution asked for a three-year sentence, while the defense asked for an acquittal.

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He left, she stayed. Student dies at railroad crossing

According to the investigators, the 18-year-old student stopped at the crossing while taking her driving test and was unable to move again.

The examiner, Edward R., was accused of inadvertently causing a fatal land traffic disaster and failing to help a woman taking the exam. In September 2022, the District Court in Nowy Targ sentenced him to 1.5 years of absolute imprisonment. He found him guilty of failing to stop the car in front of an unguarded railway crossing and failing to help the deceased 18-year-old.

The examiner escaped from the car, the trainee diedtvn24

He was also to pay PLN 150,000 in compensation to the family of the deceased, he was also banned from practicing the profession of a driving instructor and examiner for five years and a ban on driving for two years.

Edward R. himself assessed in September 2022 that judging him as the perpetrator of the accident “is unfair and inhuman”. – How can I be blamed if the test taker did not comply with the “STOP” sign? I didn’t teach her (…) She stopped the car on the tracks – said R. – We fought for both her life and mine. To this day, we do not know if this car really went out. There was a starter locking device in the car. It has not been verified, he added. The examiner emphasized that he “does not feel guilty” and did everything “not to hurt himself and the saintly memory of Angelika”.

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The man’s defender, Władysław Pociej, applied for the acquittal of his client. He argued that the railway crossing was poorly marked and overgrown with bushes, the train was supposed to be invisible from the perspective of the car and, in addition, the driver did not use the emergency brake.

Accident of a trainee in Szaflary. The course of the event

According to the State Commission for the Investigation of Railway Accidents, which in 2020 published a report dedicated to the accident in Szaflarymistakes were made not only by the examiner and the trainee, but also by the train crew.

The commission established the circumstances of the accidentState Commission for the Investigation of Railway Accidents

In the locomotive of the Chabówka-Zakopane train, a candidate for a train driver was examined – he was at the controls of the locomotive at the time of the incident. However, neither he nor his guardian tried emergency braking at the sight of a stationary car, which would have allowed the train to stop faster.

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At the time of seeing the car, the machine was traveling at a speed of approximately 89 kilometers per hour. The driver managed to reduce this speed to 56 kilometers per hour at the moment of impact. The train and the wreck of the car it was pushing stopped only 120 meters after the crossing.

The document also contains information on the mental state of the young woman during the exam. They are based on preserved recordings from inside the car. The authors of the report point to the significant stress of a woman who was trying to pass her driving test for the fourth time.

The authors of the report also drew attention to the incorrect marking of Kolorowa Street leading to the crossing. The sign “two-sided carriageway narrowing” instead of “right-hand carriageway narrowing”. This error, according to experts, weakened the vigilance of the examiner, so that the man did not check before entering the car on the tracks whether a train was approaching.

“She missed half a meter.” She was taking her driving test, she was hit by a train (August 24, 2018)24.08 | A woman has died, who got stuck in her car on the railway tracks in Szaflary while taking her driving test and did not manage to escape from the vehicle in front of the oncoming train.tvn24

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