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Nuclear power plant in Poland. Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin about where it can probably be built

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We are examining the locations where the third nuclear power plant is to be built in Poland, and the second government one. Bełchatów is highly probable, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin.

Sasin, when asked on Radio Plus whether the third nuclear power plant and the second government one will be in Bełchatów, replied: – It is not certain, but it is highly probable.

– It is not certain, because at the moment there are studies of these locations, several locations that are being considered. This issue is led by the Minister of Climate. In the autumn of this year, two best locations will be indicated, and a power plant will be built in one of them, Sasin said.

Nuclear power plant – Deputy Prime Minister’s comment

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He added that Bełchatów is a “huge energy hub”. – It has the advantage over other locations that today it has many network connections with the entire power grid in Poland, it is the location that is the best in this respect – he said.

He pointed out that Bełchatów has energy traditions. – For social reasons, it is important that the power plant be built there – assessed the head of MAP.

Nuclear power plants in Poland

In November 2022, the Polish government indicated that the technology for the first power plant under the Polish Nuclear Energy Program (PPEJ) would be provided by Westinghouse.

PPEJ provides for the construction of two power plants in two different locations. According to government plans, the first block of the first power plant should start operating in 2033.

In mid-March, the vice-president of Polskie Elektrownie (PEJ) Jądrowe, Łukasz Młynarkiewicz, announced that in autumn this year a short list of potential locations for the second nuclear power plant under the Polish Nuclear Energy Program (PPEJ) is to be known.

The project to build a power plant based on Korean technology is independent of the PPEJ. In the autumn in Seoul, ZE PAK, PGE and the Korean concern KHNP signed a letter of intent regarding the development of a plan to build a power plant in Pątnów.

A lignite mine has been operating in Bełchatów for over 30 years, it is the largest opencast mine in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. It exploits a lignite deposit with total resources estimated at over 1 billion tons.

A power plant has been operating in Bełchatów since 1988, and is now part of the PGE Capital Group.

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