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Number of TV sets and mobile phones in Poland – HRE Investments analysis

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Only every fifty Pole does not have a mobile phone, according to the data of the Central Statistical Office. This means a significant increase over several years. We also have more washing machines, dishwashers and cars. On the other hand, a TV set is less and less common in household equipment – we learn from an analysis by Oskar Sękowski from HRE Investments.

As described by Sękowski, currently 98.1 percent. Polish households have a mobile phone – in almost all of them we can find this equipment or a few of it. “It may not be anything shocking if we look at our own surroundings, but a dozen or so years ago the situation was completely different. At least one cell was present in less than half of the houses – according to the data from the Central Statistical Office” – we read.


Washing machine, computer and microwave are included

Sękowski adds that “it is even more surprising that more compatriots have a mobile phone than a washing machine.” “There is almost one Polish household out of 20. The top five of the most popular equipment also include laptops, cars and microwave ovens. The data of the Central Statistical Office seem to prove that Poles are eager to buy appliances that will make their free time pleasant or allow them to save time” – the analyst writes.

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He adds that an automatic washing machine currently has 95.1 percent. households in Poland. That’s almost 20 points. percent more than at the beginning of the 21st century. “We also spend much less time using a traditional cooker. 64.6% of households now use microwave heating to heat food. This is almost three times higher than in 2003. Poles are also abandoning the traditional form of dishwashing. In this case, we have to do so. While in 2003 a dishwasher was located in just one house out of 32, today almost every second Pole entrusts washing to the machine. It is also important that the dishwasher, unlike traditional dishwashing, can use less water. often means significantly lower bills “- we learn from the analysis.

Free time at home

“What do we spend the free time on? It can be assumed that we use some of it for entertainment in front of the phone or computer. The latter is present in 76.6% of households. Compared to 2003, this means an almost 3-fold increase” – he quotes Sękowski.

In his opinion, this may result primarily from technological development and the willingness to use, for example, access to social media. He adds that “these devices can also be used to watch television, series or movies” and “we must not forget that the epidemic could have had an impact on what equipment we invested in”.

According to him, “GUS data suggest that Poles have their own four wheels only slightly more often than laptops”. “In this case, there was also a major change. In 2020, more than 7 families out of 10 were motorized. In 2003, the car had just over 4 families out of 10. So more often there is a car near our house than in the kitchen a microwave oven or a dishwasher” – writes.

HRE Investments

We buy TV sets less and less

“The fact that we have mobile devices (laptops or cell phones) more and more often means that we rarely buy TVs, home theater sets or DVD players. All in all, it is hardly surprising – the availability of the Internet and the possibility of online viewing may encourage some to give up these more traditional devices. And so, if we look at the data on TV sets, we notice that their popularity peaked in 2012. Then, almost 70% of households owned it. It was probably not without significance that in 2012 in Poland and Ukraine EURO games were held. Since this year, a gradual decline in the popularity of televisions has been recorded. In 2020, 62.5% of Polish households had a television receiving device “- we read in the analysis.

It added that “an even greater decline in popularity concerns DVD players, which is most likely a result of the growing popularity of streaming services”. “In 2010, more than half of Poles had a DVD player. In just three years, this percentage dropped to 31.4%. Similar, although not so drastic, changes apply to home theater systems, which were present in 17.1% of homes (2010). ), and now 10.7 percent of Poles have them, “writes Sękowski.

HRE Investments

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