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Oak Log. A three-year-old boy fell into a pond and the child was taken to the hospital

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One step away from the tragedy in the commune of Dębowa Kłoda in the Lublin region. A three-year-old boy fell into a backyard pond. The unconscious child, lying on his back in the water, was found by a neighbor who was the first to help him. The three-year-old was transported to the hospital. The police are explaining the circumstances of the incident and appealing for greater supervision of children.

The accident happened on Thursday (August 24) around 3 pm in the commune of Dębowa Kłoda in the Parczew poviat. Preliminary findings show that the three-year-old boy was under the care of his mother, while his father was doing field work at that time.

– A mother with her three-year-old son lay down for an afternoon nap and fell asleep. When the woman woke up, the baby was no longer with her. She ran out of the house and started looking for her son, reports Staff Sergeant Ewelina Semeniuk from the District Police Headquarters in Parczew.

A neighbor spotted the boy in the pond

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Thanks to the neighbor, there was no tragedy. – While checking his property, where there was a backyard pond, he noticed a boy lying on his back on the water surface. He immediately pulled him out of the water. The three-year-old was unconscious, the man undertook resuscitation, which turned out to be effective. The boy began to breathe, said the aspirant Semeniuk.

A three-year-old fell into a pond, the unconscious child was taken to the hospital KPP Parczew

He was taken to the hospital, police are appealing for more attention

The boy was transported by the Polish Medical Air Rescue helicopter to a hospital in Lublin. The child’s 34-year-old mother was sober. Police are investigating the details of the incident and are appealing to parents and guardians to pay more attention.

– Translation, conversation and learning basic safety rules can minimize the risk of accidents. In addition, reservoirs, ponds, ponds, excavations or remains of water reservoirs located in the vicinity of houses should be properly marked and secured against access by third parties, especially children – instructs aspirant Ewelina Semeniuk.

Main photo source: KPP Parczew

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