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Objectives of the Ministry of Digitization. Krzysztof Gawkowski on priorities

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The development of broadband Internet, the mObywatel application and the development of a state digital development strategy are the priorities of the Ministry of Digital Affairs, said Krzysztof Gawkowski, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Affairs on Thursday. He also announced that next Tuesday the Council of Ministers will discuss the amended draft budget act for 2024.

Krzysztof Gawkowski took up the position of Minister of Digitization in the government on Wednesday Donald Tusk.

On Thursday, during a briefing on “Priorities of the Ministry of Digitization”, Gawkowski assured that “the Ministry of Digitization will serve every citizen well.”

He said that the mObywatel application will be increasingly developed.

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“Evolutionary Changes”

– Therefore, it is not the intention of the ministry to seek revolutionary changes. There is a need in the ministry to think about evolutionary changes that will make Poland a leader in digital transformations in Europe and be able to boast about digitalization in the civil and military areas, the minister pointed out.

The Minister announced that in 2024 he will complete legislative work on the National Cybersecurity System.

As he said, he wants the resort to be a place that will set the tone for the future. – One of the first elements of building this digital identity in Europe, building a leading place in the area of ​​digitalization in Europe, will be the preparation of a digital development strategy for the state – he pointed out.

As he said, the next task facing the ministry is to achieve inter-ministerial interoperability, which will concern health care, education, social policy, issues related to the climate, environment, army and administration.

– Internet access should be a standard in which we have, among others, fast internet and there are no white spots on the map of Poland. Moreover, this broadband Internet and the idea that optical fiber should be available at high speed to all Polish citizens will accompany us during this term – said Gawkowski.

Therefore – as he added – “the Ministry of Digitization will do everything to ensure that the state infrastructure in terms of Internet access is expanded, to be accessible, and to make everyone aware that this is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Digitization.”

Gawkowski said that national critical infrastructure must provide a sense of civic and state security. He pointed out that hybrid threats, especially those coming from the East, are increasing.

When asked about the “Laptop for a student” program, the minister replied: “as the Prime Minister said, what was given will not be taken away, we do not want to pursue a policy that would take away opportunities for faster development.” He announced that the ministry would want to look at how companies that supply equipment should be selected. – I am in favor of continuing such programs – said the minister.

The minister also noted that the ministry would take steps to regulate “pathostreams”.

Gawkowski about the draft budget

Gawkowski said that “we will start working on the budget this weekend.” – And this will focus us in the coming days and hours. Because the amended budget is to be presented next week, on Tuesday. We will receive this budget and we will probably work on it in the Ministry of Digital Affairs during the weekend and on Monday, he explained.

As Finance Minister Andrzej Domański announced on Wednesday, the deficit in next year’s budget will be different than that envisaged in the project adopted by Morawiecki’s government at the end of September.

The schedule of the Sejm sessions shows that the first reading of the draft state budget for 2024 is scheduled for the Sejm meeting on Thursday, December 21.

In the draft budget for next year adopted by the government PIS at the end of September and sent to the Sejm, the Ministry of Finance planned that state revenues would amount to PLN 684.5 billion and the state budget expenditure limit would amount to PLN 849.3 billion. This means that the budget deficit will not exceed PLN 164.8 billion. However, the deficit of the public finance sector (according to the EU methodology) was set at approx. 4.5%. GDP.

The document provides for the financing of health care next year (including National Health Fund) over PLN 190.9 billion will be allocated; for defense (together with the Armed Forces Support Fund) – PLN 158.9 billion, i.e. approx. 4.2%. GDP; for supporting families – PLN 93.2 billion, including, for example, the implementation of the “Family 800+” Program – PLN 63.7 billion; to support retirees and pensioners in the form of 13th and 14th pensions – almost PLN 30 billion.

The project was prepared with the assumption that next year’s real GDP growth will be 3% and inflation 6.6%. on an annual average, the average salary in the national economy in 2024 will increase by 9.8%.

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