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oblin. They pushed two 13-year-olds off the pier and stole their wireless speaker. The attackers were not much older

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Three teenagers from the Garwolin poviat (Mazowsze) are suspected of robbery of younger boys who were resting by the water. According to police, the attackers pushed them into the lake and then took the children’s wireless speaker.

The incident happened a few days ago in Oblin. “Two 13-year-olds, staying on a pier on a nearby lake, were accosted by three young boys. The injured minors were kicked in the back and pushed into the water. The attackers did it to take the wireless speaker” – described in the message Małgorzata Pychner from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Garwolin.

She emphasized that the behavior of the aggressors almost led to a tragedy, because one of the boys pushed into the water could not swim. “Fortunately, he managed to get out of the lake. Colleagues of the victims who saw the whole situation tried to recover the stolen property, but one of them was kicked, and the other perpetrators searched the wallet” – added Pychner.

The parent of one of the boys reported the incident to the police. Police arrested three juveniles aged 15 to 16. “Two of them were already known to the police from similar acts before. As a result of a number of findings and effective actions, the officers recovered the stolen loudspeaker, which one of the perpetrators managed to hand over to a friend for safekeeping” – explained the policewoman. The family court will decide the fate of the teenagers.

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The arrested men will be charged with robbery KRP VI

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