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Oborniki. The truck got stuck between the turnstiles. The driver did it. Recording

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The truck driver ignored the red light and entered the railway crossing in Oborniki (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship). The vehicle got stuck between the tollgates. The driver, in order to leave the dangerous zone, decided to break the barriers. We received the recording on Kontakt 24.

As the author of the recording we received on Contact 24the event took place on Tuesday (July 12) a few minutes after 8 o’clock in Oborniki in the district of Obornicki in Wielkopolska.

– The truck stopped at the traffic lights, part of its semi-trailer was left at the railway crossing. At this point, the gates began to drop and the driver tried to maneuver. It failed, he broke the barrier and then carried it to the side of the road. I have the impression that he misjudged the length of his vehicle, he thought it would fit or make it through – said Mr. Bartek, the author of the recording.

The truck driver got stuck between the turnstiles

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The video shows a truck parked almost across the railroad crossing. The driver – in order to avoid a collision with the train – decides to break the barriers. When he succeeds and the vehicle leaves the dangerous zone, the driver gets out and removes the damaged barrier from the road and pavement.

– Then the train passed. He slowed down strongly, perhaps the train driver got information that there was a problem on the crossing. Fortunately, the driver did not stop on the tracks, because it could have ended differently – the author of the recording said.

And he added: – I am sending the recording as a warning.

Main photo source: Contact24

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