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OC cars and penalty points. Changes from June 17, 2022 – the Polish Insurance Association explains

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From June 17, 2022, insurance companies will have access to information about fines and penalty points. For some drivers, this may mean an increase in the price of mandatory policies. Since when will it apply in practice? How much impact will the fining of a ticket have on the amount of the premium? The most frequently asked questions were answered by the Polish Insurance Association.

The amendment to the Road Traffic Act and certain other acts, with some exceptions, entered into force from the beginning of 2022. New regulations from January 1 this year. increased the amount of the fine that may be imposed in the ticket proceedings – from PLN 500 to PLN 5,000 PLN, and in the case of multiple offenses – up to 6,000. zloty. From June 17 – under the amendment – insurance companies will have access to information about fines and penalty points. Thus, it will be possible to link the tickets and penalty points with the rates of third party liability.

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Since when are the penalty points linked to the liability insurance?

The Polish Insurance Association, answering the most frequently asked questions, indicated that “it does not mean, however, that automatically every insurance contract concluded from that date (June 17 – ed.) Will take into account this risk factor. Access to data will be possible via tools Insurance Guarantee Fund. Insurance companies will need time to obtain appropriate access certificates, prepare tariffs, etc. “.

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As a result, it is difficult to determine a specific date from which a given plant will introduce a tariff including penalty points and fines. From June 17, however, it will be possible.

Motor liability insurance is obligatory in Poland for all owners of motor vehicles. Penalties for the lack of compulsory third party liability insurance have increased since the beginning of 2022. Their amount depends on minimum wagewhich from January 1 is PLN 3010 gross.

What data will insurance companies receive?

Under the new regulations, insurance companies will have access to data about drivers, such as first name and last name; PESEL number; the sum of points assigned for violations based on a valid decision; the sum of points that will be finally assigned in the event of confirmation of the violation with a legally valid decision; name of the traffic violation (date, time and place of commission, number of penalty points); details of the infringed vehicle.

“The insurance company will see what offense has been committed” – summed up PIU.

It should be remembered that, according to the amendment, from the beginning of this year, penalty points are removed from the Central Register of Drivers after two years, but on the condition of paying a fine. “This means that the two-year period, after which the points will be removed from our account, will start only after paying the fine” – the Chamber explained.

It was added that the act specifies which specific violations of road traffic regulations (crimes and petty offenses) will be provided by insurance companies. It goes, among others for causing a catastrophe, unintentionally causing an accident, driving under the influence of drugs or intoxication, driving a vehicle without authorization, causing a threat to road safety, offenses against pedestrians, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In addition, insurance companies will see information, for example, about driving an unlit vehicle, without authorization or not complying with the speed limit.

How much will the premium increase?

According to PIE, insurance companies will individually decide on the impact of information on penalty points on the amount of the insurance premium. “However, be aware that they will have a similar effect to information about your insurance record. Drivers who regularly break the rules of the road pose a greater risk. Their insurance premiums will therefore reflect this greater risk. The frequency of offenses may also be of great importance.” – explained.

The Chamber noted that it would also work the other way around. This means that “people who do not have penalty points can count on lighter treatment from insurers”. “Insurance companies will reward those who drive safely” – added.

A driver other than the owner and the liability rate

The Polish Insurance Association also answered the question of what if the car is registered for one of the spouses and the other commits offenses. “Here, as in the case of the current increases in loss ratio, insurance companies will conduct their policies. Some will be more strict, others less – as it is now” – we read.

PIU reminds that at the time of concluding the third party liability insurance contract, we declare who will be driving the car. “If we provide false information, an accident will be caused, for example, by a young driver, the insurance company may adjust the premium” – it was noted. It will be similar when we receive points and tickets while driving a company car.

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