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Ohio, USA. The zebra bit the man on the shoulder. The animal was shot

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In Circleville, Ohio, a zebra attacked a man and bit him on the arm. The victim was transported to the hospital. The upset animal then charged at the patrol from the sheriff’s office. A shot was fired, the zebra died.

The Pickaway County, Ohio, sheriff’s office received an unusual call on Sunday. A man called and said that “a zebra bit his hand off”. When a patrol arrived in the city of Circleville, they saw a zebra charging, which tried to bang on the door of the police car. According to a report obtained by CNN, a sheriff’s deputy used a siren and horn to scare the animal away and get out of the vehicle.

He then ran over to the wounded man and put a tourniquet on his arm. When medical personnel took over the victim’s care, the large male continued to roam the area and, according to the report, behaved aggressively.

The Ohio State Department of Agriculture does not consider zebras to be wild and dangerous, so keeping them as livestock is not prohibited.

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Shot fired

Footage from a patrol member’s body camera shows one of the men trying to chase the zebra away with a stick, but after a short time the animal started walking towards the sheriff’s deputies again. One of them then fired a shot, killing the zebra. As he later said – as recorded in the report – he saw a zebra approaching and shouted at it to scare it away, but “it did not slow down and kept walking at him”.

The document stated that the male may have been aggressive because he was protecting a group of females about to be in the area.

According to the hospital management, the injured man remains in the facility, but is in good condition. The information about the “biting off” of the hand was not confirmed, it was only injured.

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Main photo source: Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office/ENEX

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