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Oil from Russia. A ship with Russian oil stays in the port of Ghana for two weeks

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A tanker with Russian oil has been in a port in Ghana for more than two weeks, Bloomberg reported. National security concerns were cited as the reason for the suspension of the unloading.

The tanker Theseus has reached territorial waters Ghana on February 24 and was about to unload its cargo into storage tanks at the Tema refinery, known as TOR (Tema oil refineries). The government’s oil watchdog, the NPA, has set a deadline for the unloading, but national security concerns have put the process on hold, according to people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported. The agency explained that the NPA and TOR did not respond to the agency’s attempts to contact the agency by phone or text message.

Since December, the number of buyers for Russian oil has drastically decreased as a result of the ban on imports of the raw material Russia by the European Union. This forced traders to look for new markets. According to Bloomberg data, this is the first such transport to a West African country in at least four years.

A tanker with Russian oil stands in a port in Ghana

The tanker has about 600,000 barrels of oil on board, which was loaded at Russia’s Black Sea port of Novorossiysk in late January, according to tanker tracking data compiled by Bloomberg.

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The transport authorization was issued after the cargo was reported to be from Kazakhstan one person familiar with the matter said. Vortex and Kpler data and the report of the port agent from Novorossiysk showed that the oil did come from Russia, the agency wrote.

Moreover, the tanker SCF Yenisei with Russian diesel also arrived at TOR a week ago with a cargo of around 40,000 tons from the Russian port of Primorsk in early February. It is also awaiting unloading, Bloomberg reported.

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