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Oil from Russia goes to Europe as Indian diesel fuel, according to Bloomberg

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In December 2022, the European Union imposed an embargo on Russian crude oil imported by sea, and in early February 2023 also on fuels. However, the raw material from Russia goes to India, which converts it into diesel oil and then sells it at an inflated price to Europe, Bloomberg reported. In turn, “El Mundo” wrote about the deliveries of Russian diesel to Spain via Morocco.

In April India may become the largest supplier of refined fuels to the European market. Soon, this country will send around 360,000 to Europe. barrels of refined fuels per day, which is slightly more than Saudi Arabia.

At the same time, Delhi imports record amounts of Russian oil. In April, the volume of this volume may exceed 2 million barrels per day, which means that at Russia will be around 44%. of all oil imports by India, Bloomberg reported after data from the international analytical company Kpler.

Russian oil, Indian diesel fuel

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– Russian oil is going back to Europe despite all the sanctions. A good example of such practices is India, which is increasing the export of its fuels to the West. This is inevitable because the Indian authorities import a lot from Russia, Viktor Katona, chief oil analyst at Kpler, told Bloomberg.

Russia, despite the sanctions imposed on it after the invasion of Ukraine continues to sell crude oil on a massive scale. It achieves this thanks to 443 tankers sailing under other flags, which it supplies with raw material in international waters. The main recipients of the raw material are China and India, reported the Spanish daily El Mundo at the end of March.

Fuel from Morocco is also on the agenda

On Friday, the newspaper reported that the Spanish government had launched an investigation into importing diesel from Russia. The launch of the investigation was confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Spain, Teresa Ribera, responsible for the Ministry of Environment and Demography.

– We have taken steps to clarify where some fuel products come from, which apparently, according to the documentation, reach us legally (…). However, due to the emerging suspicions of breaking the law, it is necessary to determine from which direction these products come to us – said Ribera.

“El Mundo” quoted Josu Jon Imaz from the management of the Spanish oil company Repsol, who stated that “Russian diesel, despite the sanctions, is entering the EU market, including Spain.” He appealed to the EU authorities for a consistent fight against the supply of illegal fuel to the EU countries.

“El Mundo” reported the results of its investigation, according to which in recent months Morocco has resumed for the first time since 2015 the supply of diesel fuel to Spain, and this fuel comes from Russia. “Morocco sells diesel to Spain, which it transports in millions of liters a day from Russia,” the newspaper claims.

No data on oil production

On Wednesday, Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) released its monthly report on the country’s industrial production.

For the first time, data on oil production, which was considered sensitive information, was not disclosed, the independent Russian portal Moscow Times reported.

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