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Friday, December 3, 2021

Okrzeja. The 59-year-old can speak of great happiness. ran under a train and suffered only minor injuries

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At an unguarded railroad crossing in Okrzeja (Lublin Province), a passenger train crashed into a Skoda. Although the car was damaged and landed in a ditch, nothing serious happened to the 59-year-old driver.

The police received a report on Saturday (October 23) after 7.00 am – The policemen who came to the scene of the accident found that on an unguarded railway crossing in Okrzei, a passenger train from Dęblin – Łuków hit a skoda – says staff aspirant Marcin Józwik from the County Headquarters Police in Łuków.

It turned out that the man’s injuries are harmless

The car was destroyed and landed in a ditch Lublin Police

The 59-year-old inhabitant of Łęczna, who was driving a passenger car, suffered bodily injuries and was taken to hospital.

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– Fortunately, it turned out that the man’s injuries are harmless, his life and health are not in danger – says the policeman.

The driver was braking sharply, but hit the car

Preliminary findings show that the 59-year-old drove to an unguarded railroad crossing, then did not stop at the STOP sign and drove straight under the passenger train. Despite the fact that the driver was braking sharply, the locomotive hit the car.


– Now the officers conducting the proceedings will determine the details and the course of the accident, check why the 59-year-old did not exercise particular caution and entered an unguarded railway crossing directly in front of the train moving on the tracks – emphasizes Józwik.

The incident took place in the Krzywda commune in the Łuków poviat

Main photo source: Lublin Police

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