Okuninka. Teenager drowned in Lake Białe


A 16-year-old drowned on Saturday evening in Lake Białe in Okuninka (Lubelskie). A tourist came across the floating body. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated by the police under the supervision of the prosecutor's office.

The incident occurred on July 6. The services received information about a man who had allegedly drowned in Lake Białe in the town of Okuninka, near Włodawa.

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A body floating in the water

Deputy Commissioner Kamil Karbowniczek from the Lublin Police press team said that on Saturday around 9 p.m., while bathing, one of the tourists came across a body floating in the water.

– It was a young man. The police transported him to the shore. Unfortunately, resuscitation was unsuccessful. The officers were establishing his identity, it was a 16-year-old from the Lublin district – the policeman informed.

The involvement of third parties has been initially ruled out. The body has been secured for an autopsy. This is the fourth water victim since the beginning of the holidays in the Lublin province.

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