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Olawa, Brzeg. Mr. Bolesław passed his driving test at the age of 81

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Age is only a number. Mr. Bolesław from Brzeg (Opolskie Voivodeship) must have taken this maxim to heart. An 81-year-old man passed his driving test. – In the beginning he was a difficult student, he had his habits. But the more he rode, the better he got. He passed the exam flawlessly, his instructor tells us. The driving school – where Mr. Bolesław was trained – congratulates the driver on social media and calls him a “nice nestor” of the students.

– At the beginning he was a difficult student, he had his habits that were hard to break. He was slightly disobedient – laughs Marek Jabłoński from the Brzeg Safe Driving Academy, the 81-year-old’s instructor.

Lessons and exams were conducted in Oława, where the nearest road traffic center to Brzeg is located. As it turned out, the bow was the biggest problem for the old adept of the art of driving. He died on it several times.

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– But after some time, he began to analyze, work differently with his hands, implemented a completely different body position, smoothed his driving. The more he rode, the better he got. He mastered all the elements and passed the exam flawlessly on the fifth try – Jabloński points out.

The car in the vending machine

“Mr. Bolesław! A very nice doyen of our students! Congratulations on a flawlessly passed exam” – wrote the driving school on its social media profile. A photo of the happy driver was attached to the entry.

The man passed the test in a car with an automatic transmission. This means that he will not be able to drive cars with manual transmissions.

– It is easier for people of more advanced age to prepare for the exam in cars with automatic transmission. These people do not have motor and physical fitness like an 18- or 20-year-old. But such stories as the one with Mr. Bolesław show that age is not a limitation – says Dariusz Galik, director of the Lower Silesian Road Traffic Centre.

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– This is not an isolated case either. I am an examiner myself, a few years ago a 78-year-old lady passed my exam. I even praised her for her good preparation and very correct driving – adds director Galik.

More research

After the publication of information in social media about the passing of the exam by the 81-year-old, in addition to a number of congratulations, questions arose whether this is not too old to be granted driving privileges. The head of DORD believes that it is not the age itself that may be a potential problem, but the lack of examinations in later years of people who receive an indefinite driving license at a young age.

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– A person with a driving license should visit a doctor once every 5-10 years and check their health. Over the years, medical verification should be carried out, for example for diabetic symptoms – emphasizes Galik.

– And the elderly mostly have their own fixed routes – to the grandson, to the cemetery, to the store. If they passed medical examinations and passed the exam, they should not pose any problems on the roads – believes the head of DORD.

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Main photo source: Bartek Górski (tuOlawa.pl)

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