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Oława. He is diabetic and has not been in contact with him for several hours. The policemen helped the restaurant employee

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Policemen from Oława (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) helped a man who was sitting in a locked car and showed no signs of life. They started looking for him after a worried man’s employer approached the services. All because he has not had contact with his diabetic employee for several hours.

The police officers received the report on the case of a driver who in his job deals with delivering food to customers. The owner of the restaurant where the man works reported that he has not been contacted for several hours. – The applicant was afraid that his employee might urgently need help because he suffers from diabetes – reports Alicja Jędo from the police in Oława.


The workers found the man, the policemen pulled him out of the car

While the policemen were finding the man’s address, the restaurant owner called them again. – He told the uniformed that his driver had been found by the company’s employees in one of the parking lots. Unfortunately, the car in which he was located was locked and the man showed no signs of life – reports Jędo. And he adds: – The officers moved to the indicated place and began to act. They broke the car window, pulled the unconscious man outside and began giving him first aid. The ambulance service that arrived took the man to the hospital. There, he was provided with specialist help.

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The incident took place in OławaGoogle Maps

Main photo source: Malopolska Police

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