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Oława: The field caught fire during a fire in the combine. Puffs of smoke over the neighborhood

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After the combine caught fire, the flames spread to the nearby field in Pełczyce near Oława (Lower Silesia). Eight fire brigades fought the fire. We received the first information and the recording on Contact 24.

The report about the fire was received by the services at 12:17.

The combine caught fire. – From him the field, probably wheat, was taken. A lot of terrain is burning – reported Reporter 24, who sent his recording showing how puffs of gray smoke are rising over the Oława area.

The machine and the hectare of the field burned down

This information was confirmed by the duty officer of the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Wrocław. – Combine is on fire. The fire also spread to the crops – he passed it after 1 p.m.

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“The commander in place has requested additional forces,” he added.

After 17:30, the duty officer of the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Oława informed that the activities ended at 16:16. “The combine was completely burnt down, as well as about a hectare of farmland which was caught on fire,” she explained.

– There were no injured people in the incident – she emphasized.

Main photo source: Contact 24 / Aleksander

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