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Old Oleszyce. Judge’s car in a ditch, investigators secured monitoring from the courthouse

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Investigators have monitoring and testimonies of witnesses of the event that took place in Stare Oleszyce (Podkarpackie Province). A car was found in a roadside ditch, which – as confirmed by the prosecutor’s office – belongs to a judge of the District Court in Lubaczów. The driver fled the scene and is on medical leave. It is suspected that he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

The investigation into the incident was initiated on June 2 under Article 178a of the Criminal Code, which deals with driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

– It has been established that the vehicle belongs to the judge of the District Court in Lubaczów – Marta Pętkowska, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Przemyśl, confirmed in an interview with tvn24.pl.

According to the prosecutor, witnesses who were at the scene have already been interviewed.

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When asked if the car was driven by a man who was identified as the owner of the vehicle, the prosecutor replied that “highly likely yes”. She added that “following further steps will make it possible to establish one hundred percent that it was this person who was driving.”

As the prosecutor told us, the investigators secured the monitoring, including recordings from a camera placed on the court building and the local shop. Further recordings are also protected. All of them will be thoroughly analyzed. The prosecutor’s office will also look for an answer to the key question: is it possible that the driver was under the influence of alcohol, and in what concentration?

The owner of the car has not yet been questioned. He has been on sick leave since May 30.

Judge Małgorzata Reizer, the spokeswoman for the Przemyśl court, told us that on Monday (June 5) the court received another medical certificate from the judge who owns the car. The judge will remain on leave until June 7.

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Subaru in ditch, driver missing

The incident took place on Monday (May 29) before 7 p.m. Police officers from Lubaczów received a report that there was a white Subaru in a roadside ditch in Stare Oleszyce. Sergeant Elżbieta Huber from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Lubaczów reported that the officers did not find the driver at the scene. “Investigations are underway to determine who was driving the vehicle,” the sergeant said.

It turned out that the car belongs to a judge of the District Court in Lubaczów.

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The president of the District Court in Przemyśl, to whom the Lubaczów court is subordinated, was informed about the incident. – The police notified the president of the District Court in Lubaczów that a car owned by a judge had been found. Subsequently, this information was forwarded to the president of the District Court in Przemyśl. We are waiting for what will happen next – said Judge Małgorzata Reizer, spokeswoman for the Przemyśl court.

On Tuesday (May 30), in the afternoon, police officers handed over materials from Monday’s incident to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lubaczów.

– Based on the collected evidence, after hearing witnesses and taking into account that a road collision is not a reason to abandon the vehicle, there is a reasonable suspicion that the driver was driving while intoxicated – said Agnieszka Nieckarz-Proszek, District Prosecutor in Lubaczów.

The Lubaczów prosecutor’s office excluded itself from the case, the materials were sent to the Przemyśl district prosecutor’s office.

The investigation in this case is conducted by the police in Lubaczów under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office.

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