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Oleśnica. Attack of teenagers on store employees. The suspects were released and will be charged as juveniles

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On Friday, a 16-year-old boy beat up a grocery store employee in Oleśnica because he refused to sell him an energy drink to his 16-year-old partner. The police initially classified the incident as a robbery, but the court changed this decision due to the age of the perpetrators.

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The budget and the Pegasus case are on the agenda.

The court classified the case of the 16-year-old as an assault. His partner’s case as an insult and violation of inviolability.

– The court will schedule another hearing to consider interim measures. They may include, among other things, the temporary application of the supervision of a probation officer to such a minor or temporary placement in a Youth Educational Center or a District Educational Center – says the spokeswoman of the District Court in Wrocław, Judge Sylwia Jastrzemska.

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She informed that the Family and Juvenile Department of the District Court in Oleśnica will examine the personality of each minor, what conditions they have at home, how they function at school, whether they cause any problems, whether they have any health disorders, and if so, what are they? . Only after collecting this information will the court decide what measures will be taken.

– The family court will not conduct proceedings aimed at punishing perpetrators. The case is completely different, she added.

– State regulations state that it is not enough that such a person has committed a criminal act. The requirements regarding the hiding of these people, the impossibility of establishing their identity, or the obliteration of evidence of a crime were not met – says Judge Jastrzemska.

He adds that the court could not make any other decision than immediate release. The entire emphasis was placed on the rehabilitation of minors.

– In fact, the main reason for the beating was the desire of both the minor and the minor to leave the store, as he believed he wanted to free his friend so that she could leave the store – says the court spokeswoman.

Brutal attack on store employeesMojaOlesnica.pl

Brutal attack by teenagers on store employees

The incident took place on Friday (January 12) in the evening in one of the stores at Kochanowskiego Street in Oleśnica.

A 16-year-old girl wanted to buy an energy drink. Since January, it has been prohibited to sell them to minors, so the seller asked the teenager for ID. – She started laughing, swearing and being aggressive towards her wife, who was also in the store at the time. Things went in the wrong direction. The wife called the police because the girl smelled of alcohol. We closed the store so she wouldn’t run away. Unfortunately, there was also an eight- or ten-year-old boy inside, so he had to be released – said Mr. Robert, co-owner of the store.

When the child left the store, the aggressive girl’s partner entered. – A fight started, I tried to pull the boy away, but I was hit a few times in front of the store, so we went inside. We didn’t use any force, my wife simply overpowered her because she was shouting that she was going to destroy the entire store. The boy pushed his wife away, attacked me with his fists (…) Then it got worse. My wife saw what I looked like, there was plenty of blood. She ran to get the gas, sprayed it on the girl, then on the boy, but it didn’t work. (…) He hit my wife. She was terribly scared and said let’s open the door. The boy stole a beer and they left, the man described. He added that he had a broken nose and stitches.

According to the police in Oleśnica, the attacked man suffered injuries. An emergency medical service team was dispatched to the scene. The injured person was taken to hospital.

The police in Oleśnica detained four people

On Saturday and Sunday, police officers from Oleśnica detained four people. Two 16-year-olds who directly participated in the incident in the store and two 18-year-olds who are suspected of aiding and abetting.

Main photo source: MojaOlesnica.pl

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