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Olga Tokarczuk. The new book of the Nobel Prize winner will be published in January. What will “Mr. Expressive” be about?

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On January 25, the Format publishing house will release “Pan Wyrazisty” – a new book by Olga Tokarczuk, addressed to younger readers. This is the result of cooperation between the Nobel Prize winner and the valued illustrator Joanna Concejo. A journey to a fictional world that is confusingly similar to the reality we live in.

“Mr Expressive” will be Olga Tokarczuk’s second book after receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature. The first was the novel “Empuzjon”, which was published on June 1, 2022. Eight years passed between her and The Books of Jacob. At the same time, the new title will be another – after “Lost Soul” published in 2017 – addressed to young readers. This is a graphic novel in which the author and illustrator Joanna Concejo take the readers to a fictional world, which, however, is confusingly similar to the reality in which we live. The most valued values ​​in him are narcissism, the cult of youth, the imperative to be happy and the obsession with self-presentation.

Expressive had no choice but to pull out all his life savings from his pocket. He couldn’t begrudge the money to his own face. A voice from the shadows named the sum – it was dizzying. Expressive quickly calculated in his mind and came out in black and white that it was not enough to get rid of a collection of old lighters, a second phone with the best camera, a bicycle, a motor hang-glider, a canoe and savings in the bank. It was all not enough. He would have to sell the apartment he inherited from his parents and everything he has. He took a few steps back into the even deeper darkness and realized: there is no other way out.

Who is “Mr. Expressive”

The publishing house provides more details about the new hero of Olga Tokarczuk’s graphic novel. “The face of Mr. Expressive is immediately memorable. He is recognized instantly – all he has to do is appear on the street and everyone from afar smiles at him. He even starred in an advertisement once – he was congratulated for his success and praised that his face sold the product so well. Expressive likes himself very much. He bought a superphone and enjoys taking thousands of selfies. His uncountable images wander the web. One day, however, he stands in front of the mirror and notices to his horror that his features have blurred and his face has become a blur. With each subsequent photo, he turns pale expressiveness of Mr. Expressive.”

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The problem faced by the hero of this story aimed at young readers is whether he will be able to regain his most precious treasure – his flawlessly beautiful face – and whether the world will admire him again. The author of the illustrations is a respected Polish graphic artist, illustrator, author of visual books Joanna Concejo. Titles with her illustrations appeared, among others, in in ItalyFrance, SpainSwitzerland and Poland.

The premiere of “Mr. Expressive” on January 25, the book will be published by Format publishing house.

Olga Tokarczuk, “Mr. Expressive” (Format ed.)press materials

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