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Olkusz. A drunk man was sitting on the tracks, he forced an emergency braking of the train

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He had three parts of alcohol in his blood, he forced the train to an emergency stop while sitting on the tracks. The 22-year-old, who almost did not lead to the tragedy on Saturday evening, tried to avoid the consequences and began to run away. The engineer managed to apprehend him and called the police. A man may be imprisoned for up to eight years.

The police detained a man who on Saturday after 8 p.m. was to force an emergency braking of the train in the area of ​​Żuradzka Street in Olkusz.

As the officers informed on Wednesday, the train driver on the Hrubieszów-Sławków line noticed a 22-year-old sitting on the tracks and his companion, standing next to the track. He immediately hit the brake to avoid a collision.

He started to run away, the engineer caught him

– The 22-year-old, hearing the train braking, left the track and the machine ran past him. The men tried to escape, but were caught by the driver and the assistant who immediately notified the police about the incident, reported Katarzyna Matras, a press officer of the Olkusz police.

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As it turned out, both men were drunk. The sobriety test showed that the 22-year-old sitting on the tracks showed almost three per mille of alcohol, and more than per mille of his friend. The men could not explain their behavior.

Police officers conduct activities in terms of the possible reduction of the risk of a disaster in land traffic. This is a crime punishable by six months to eight years in prison. – We will pass the findings to the prosecutor’s office, which will decide the fate of the 22-year-old – Matras told the journalist tvn24.pl.

Małopolska Police, tvn24.pl

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