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Olsztyn. A 15-year-old girl from Angola has left the hospital after having a tumor removed from her jaw

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15-year-old Cristina, who underwent a very complicated operation in a hospital in Olsztyn, will spend the next week in a holiday resort, then return to her country. The girl fell two years ago and had a huge tumor on her jaw.

“We are very happy that the effects of the operation performed by our specialists under the direction of Prof. Łukasz Krakowczyk, MD, PhD and Krzysztof Dowgierd, MD, PhD are very good and the patient leaves the hospital as planned” – said Agnieszka Deoniziak from the Provincial Specialist Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn.

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It all started in February, when Maria Wiśniewska, a nurse from the ophthalmology department of the Olsztyn facility, was – as a volunteer of the African Children’s Foundation – on a mission in Angola and found out about the 15-year-old. After she gave her photos to doctors from the hospital in Olsztyn, it was assessed that Cristina requires surgical intervention as soon as possible.

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The tumor has grown to enormous proportions

Cristina’s parents said that two years ago, Cristina fell and injured her jaw, on which a growth began to appear. At first it was supposed to be an abscess, and she was observed in that direction. The relatives went to the shaman for help. However, the tumor began to grow to enormous proportions.

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Cristina was brought to Poland. At the end of June, she underwent a very complicated operation in an Olsztyn hospital. The teenager is feeling well enough to be discharged from the hospital on Monday, the hospital announced on social media. The teenager will spend the next week at a resort.

Cristina is still to be checked, then she will return home

– On the following Monday, she will be checked at the maxillofacial surgery clinic at the Provincial Specialist Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn, and then she will return to Angola, to her family, who is eagerly waiting for her Cristina – informs the representative of the clinic.

During the operation, which lasted six hours, the surgeons from Olsztyn removed a huge tumor from the lower jaw and reconstructed this organ from the girl’s fibula. The operation gave the young African a chance for a normal life.

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The doctors waived their fees

Cristina came to Olsztyn on June 15 thanks to the efforts of the Children of Africa Foundation (based in Warsaw and operating for 15 years). It finances helping children from African countries in their place of residence. In this case, the patient had to be transported to Poland.

The Provincial Specialist Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn is an expert center in the treatment of rare head and neck diseases in children. It is the only such medical facility in Poland. The management of the hospital agreed to perform the surgery on the 15-year-old girl from Angola, and the doctors agreed to perform the operation for charity, waiving their remuneration.

A fundraiser is underway online to help the girl. Over 153.5 thousand have already been collected. zloty.

Two years ago, the girl fell and injured herself FB/Provincial Specialist Hospital in Olsztyn

Main photo source: Provincial Specialist Children’s Hospital in Olsztyn

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