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Olsztyn. A grandson without a license took his grandfather’s car for a drive with his friends. Now he will stand trial

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The car of a 68-year-old resident of Olsztyn has disappeared. The man reported the vehicle stolen to the police. It turned out that the keys to the car were taken by his grandson. The man, although he does not have a driving license, set off on the road with his colleagues. The 29-year-old was charged.

As the junior aspirant Andrzej Jurkun from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Olsztyn tells us, on Monday (16 January) a 68-year-old resident of the city reported the theft of his car.

– According to the report of the injured 68-year-old, during the day he noticed that the keys to the car had disappeared from his jacket and he had to use a spare set. The senior was convinced that he left them in the apartment – says the officer. After a while, it turned out that not only the keys were missing, but also the car. From the beginning, suspicions fell on the grandson with whom the 68-year-old lives.

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Without a license, he took his friends for a ride in his grandfather’s carKMP in Olsztyn

Going for a drive with friends

The message about the theft of a Toyota was sent to all patrols in the city and county. The next day, police scouts found the car on one of the properties in the Olsztyn district. – They found four men in the vehicle, including a 29-year-old who turned out to be the grandson of the victim – reports Jurkun.

The man admitted to uniformed officers that he took the keys to the car without his grandfather’s knowledge and consent and decided to drive around the city with his friends. It also quickly turned out that the 29-year-old is listed in the IT systems as a person who does not have a driving license.

The man, on the basis of the collected evidence, was charged with short-term use of the vehicle. He is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Without a license, he took his friends for a ride in his grandfather’s carKMP in Olsztyn

Main photo source: KMP in Olsztyn

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