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Olsztyn. Armed robbery of banks, convicted ex-policeman There is a motion to appeal the verdict

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The Supreme Court has received a cassation appeal from a defense lawyer against a former police officer from the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship, who was legally sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for two armed robberies of bank outlets. The appeals court increased the sentence from 5.5 years in prison. The convict is also to pay financial compensation to each of the five employees of both facilities and to repair the damage in full.

The case concerned robberies on bank branches in Piecki and Rozogi in Masuria, which took place in 2020 and 2021. From a bank in Piecki, an attacker who terrorized employees with an object resembling a gun, threatening to use a gun, stole over 46.3 thousand. Zloty. From the facility in Rozogi, where the perpetrator also had a similar item in his hand and also threatened to use it – nearly 87.7 thousand. zloty.

At the end of March 2021, the then district officer in Ruciane-Nida was arrested in the case. The prosecutor’s office accused him of both robberies with the use of a firearm – a Walther P-99 pistol. The detainee admitted only to the robbery in Rozogi and described the course of this event. He cited financial problems and rising debts as the motive for his actions.

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The trial in the first instance was classified. Before the District Court in Olsztyn, an invalid sentence of 5.5 years in prison was passed for two assaults. The court also ordered the obligation to repair the damage in full, and the five employees of both facilities were to be paid PLN 2,500 each. PLN compensation.

Both sides filed appeals. The defense attorney wanted his client to be acquitted of the charges related to the attack on the facility in Piecki and to change the legal classification of the crime in Rozogi, which would reduce the penalty. The prosecution asked for eight years and two months in prison as a combined sentence for both offences. She also wanted 5,000 each. PLN compensation for each employee.

More severe punishment

Last fall The Court of Appeal in Bialystok dismissed the defense lawyer’s appeal and almost entirely upheld the complaint filed by the prosecutor’s office. He considered it proven that the former police officer was responsible for both crimes and that he had used his own service weapon and not a dummy; assessed that the total penalty should be higher and sentenced the accused to 7.5 years in prison. He also increased the amount of compensation.

– At the initial meeting of the adjudicating panel, when we received this case, we found one thing: it is a script for an action movie, but we thought that this type of time when the perpetrator brutally enters the bank with a gun in his hand has passed – Judge Jerzy justified the sentence Szczurewski. The judge also spoke of deep demoralization in the case of a policeman committing crimes with a service weapon in his hand, and reminded that significant amounts of money had been robbed from banks.


The Supreme Court has received a cassation appeal against a final judgment in this case, according to information obtained by PAP in this court. The date of her diagnosis has not yet been determined.

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