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Olsztyn. He attacked the exchange office because he had misinvested the money. He shot two people. The court reduced his sentence

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The Court of Appeal in Białystok sentenced Jakub D. to 16 years in prison, accused of armed robbery at the Olsztyn exchange office and attempted murder of the employees present there. This is a milder punishment than in the first instance, where the court imposed 25 years in prison. The judgment is final.

The appellate court partially changed the legal qualification of the act, recognizing that – in the case of one of the persons being shot – one can speak not of attempted murder with possible intent, but of causing serious injury, but with direct intent.

In its appeal, the prosecutor’s office wanted to recognize that the perpetrator wanted to kill all three employees present in the exchange office and demanded life imprisonment for this, the defense – a milder punishment not for attempted murder, but only for robbery. Ultimately, the court reduced Jakub D.’s penalty from 25to 16 years in prison.

The decision is final.

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Attack on the exchange office in OlsztynTVN24

He stole the gold, shot the money changers and ran away

Down office attack at Głowackiego Street in Olsztyn took place in January 2021. According to the findings of the prosecutor’s office, Jakub D. came to the exchange office around 7 p.m., where he allegedly made a pre-arranged transaction involving the sale of bitcoins for PLN 500,000 and then the purchase of gold coins for this amount.

– During this apparent transaction, D. used a firearm, firing one shot at the woman, and then fired another shot through the bathroom door at those blocking the door, resulting in one of the men being shot and the other running away calling for help. Then Jakub D. fired a shot at the already wounded man, then took the previously prepared coins from the exchange office and fled the scene, the prosecutor’s office reported at the time.

Jakub D. was arrested the day after the robbery. During the interrogation at the prosecutor’s office, he confessed to robbery and illegal possession of firearms. He denied that he intended to take anyone’s life.

Prosecutor’s office: he attacked the exchange office because he lost on the stock exchange

The indictment submitted to the court included robbery with a pistol and the theft of 60 gold coins worth PLN 440,000, as well as an attempted murder of three employees of this exchange office. Two of them were seriously injured.

He was also charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. Investigators said that was his motive financial problems related to unsuccessful stock market investments.

Main photo source: TVN24

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