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Olsztyn. He stole flower pots and hid with them in the bushes. A police dog tracked him down

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The man escaped from the store with flower pots worth nearly PLN 800 and hid from the security guard in the bushes. A police dog tracked the 29-year-old cowering in the thicket.

The incident took place on Thursday before noon. Olsztyn policemen, patrolling one of the streets, noticed a security employee of a nearby grocery store running along the sidewalk. As it turned out, he was chasing a man who had stolen flower pots worth nearly PLN 800 from the store a moment earlier.

The perpetrator ran into a nearby park and disappeared from the security guard's sight in the thick bushes.

The man was tracked by a police dog in the bushesKMP Olsztyn

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A police dog picked up the scent

– The uniformed officers were on duty using a service dog. Lego, as the four-legged officer is called, followed the trail and found the perpetrator of the theft lying in a crouched position in the thick bushes – informs the Municipal Police Headquarters in Olsztyn.

The 29-year-old was already known for previous shoplifting. He will answer for his behavior in court.

Main photo source: KMP Olsztyn

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