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Olsztyn. Seven men accused of imprisoning a woman. They were supposed to beat her and then rape her

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Seven men sat on the stand as defendants before the district court in Olsztyn. The case concerns the imprisonment of a woman combined with particular torment. The accused allegedly beat her severely and then raped her.

On Tuesday, all the accused men were brought to the courtroom from custody. The prosecutor and the injured woman’s representative, appointed ex officio, requested that the case be closed due to the nature of the acts attributed to the accused, as well as due to the private interest of the injured party and good morals. The court agreed to the request and closed the entire trial to the public.

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According to the prosecutor’s findings, on February 4, 2023, the injured woman was staying in one of the apartments in Olsztyn. Apart from her, the accused were also in the premises. Initially, they drank alcohol peacefully, but after some time the men became aggressive towards the woman. At one point, the defendants allegedly deprived the victim of her freedom with particular torment, forbidding her to leave the apartment and locking the entrance door. Then the defendants allegedly beat, among other things, severely beat and with particular cruelty raped the woman held captive in the house. Only the next evening was the victim able to leave the apartment where she was held captive.

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Woman with bodily injuries

The woman suffered, among other things, head and face injuries.

One of the men interviewed as a suspect during the investigation partially confessed to the charges brought against him, while the remaining men pleaded not guilty.

The District Court in Olsztyn set three hearing dates in this case for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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