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Olsztyn, Szczytno. The girl was beaten after her 18th birthday. There is a court verdict, Nikodem C. convicted of attempted murder

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The District Court in Olsztyn sentenced Nikodem C. to eight years and three months of imprisonment. This is a sentence for the attempted murder of his girlfriend. The incident happened after her eighteenth birthday party. According to the prosecution, he struck a total of 28 punches. Afterward, he reportedly told his father that “I think he killed a man.” The man admitted to beating the girl, but not to trying to kill her. “They will live with it for the rest of their lives,” he told the court. The judgment is not final.

November 13, 2021 two friends organized their 18th birthday in a place near Szczytno. The party was attended by Nikodem C. – the boyfriend of one of the girls. Already during the game there was an incident with his participation. He hit one of the participants, breaking his jaw and knocking out a tooth. The reason was supposed to be jealousy of the girl. After that, Nikodem C. wanted to go with her to her house to get his belongings left there. According to the prosecutor’s office, when they arrived at the property, he first grabbed her by the neck and choked her, then knocked her to the ground and struck her head. In total – as the prosecutor calculated – the girl received 28 blows, including 19 kicks to the head. The battered woman lost consciousness. The boy, according to investigators, left her bloody on the property in the cold. As a result of this attack, the girl suffered extensive, severe craniofacial injuries, including broken eye socket and knocked out teeth. After all, the boy went to his home. There he told his father that he “probably killed a man”; When questioned, he said, “I think he killed it [tu podał imię dziewczyny – red.]”.

The 19-year-old was charged – photo from 2021 Warmian-Masurian Police

Court verdict: guilty of beating up the boy and attempting to kill the girl

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On Friday, the District Court in Olsztyn found Nikodem C. guilty of the alleged acts, i.e. attempted murder of a teenager and beating a boy at a party. The court sentenced the accused to eight years and three months in prison. The defendant must pay the girl PLN 100,000 in compensation and repair the damage, which the victim’s family has now calculated at PLN 40,000. The girl had to undergo treatments and operations to improve her appearance.

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The defendant must pay PLN 10,000 in compensation to the boy beaten during the party and to repair the damage in the amount of over PLN 1,000. The court also banned the accused from contacting and coming closer than 50 meters to the girl for 10 years, and to the injured boy for five years.

The prosecutor’s office wanted a higher sentence and a change in the classification of the act

In closing speeches, the prosecutor demanded a sentence of 12 years and six months imprisonment for the accused. He also wanted the court to change the qualification of the act from the intention of possible attempted murder to direct intent.

The attorneys of the auxiliary prosecutors demanded an even higher penalty for the accused – 15 years in prison. They also wanted the defendant to pay the girl compensation of PLN 102,000 and compensation of PLN 300,000.

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Defense: madly in love and jealous

Defense lawyers argued that it was not an attempted murder, but a beating as a result of rejected love. – He was a young man, madly in love and jealous, unhappily abandoned by the girl he wanted to be with for the rest of his life – said attorney Wojciech Wrzecionkowski. He pointed out that the defendant was a juvenile, with an incompletely formed personality, reacting emotionally. He emphasized that the accused should first be brought up by the sentence and then punished. The trial of Nikodem C. began on August 18, 2022 before the District Court in Olsztyn. C. pleaded not guilty on the first day of the trial. In his explanations before the court, he admitted only to beating the girl, but not to attempting to kill her. On Friday, before the court, he said that he “does not know what happened on the unlucky day”. – I don’t know what happened, I’m searching for words. They will live with it for the rest of their lives. I wanted to apologize to the girl, her family and my family. The judgment is not final

Main photo source: Warmian-Masurian Police

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