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Olsztyn, Wrocław. Drunken mother was traveling by train with her seven-year-old son. The police were notified by the train staff

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A drunk woman was traveling with her seven-year-old son by train from Wrocław to Olsztyn. The police were called by the train staff. The officers found the 31-year-old at the train station in Olsztyn. The woman had over 2.7 alcohol levels in her body. – She was completely drunk, she had problems with keeping her balance – inform the policemen.

Everything happened on Sunday. The staff of the Wrocław-Olsztyn train informed the police that a woman caring for a child may be drunk in one of the carriages. As reported on Monday by Sgt. staff. Andrzej Jurkun from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Olsztyn, the officers found the 31-year-old with her seven-year-old son at the station.


– The woman was completely drunk, she had problems with keeping her balance. A breathalyzer test showed that her body had more than 2.7 per mille of alcohol, the press officer said.

The case will go to a family court

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Jurkun added that after a while the mother of the 31-year-old appeared and she was given the boy to look after. The officers prepared documentation that will go to the family court.

– The task of the court will be to thoroughly investigate the situation and check whether the mother’s behavior has not exposed the child to danger – said Jurkun.

The policemen found the woman at the railway station in Olsztyn

Main photo source: Police

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