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Olsztynek, S7. Three-year driving ban for “road aggression” on S7. The judgment of the court is final

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There is a final judgment for the driver accused in the high-profile case of “road aggression” on the S7 route near Olsztynek (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship). The District Court in Olsztyn upheld the fine of PLN 15,000 and increased the driving ban to three years.

The District Court heard the appeals on Thursday in the so-called. on “road aggression”, i.e. a dangerous collision on the S7 road. In March, the District Court in Olsztyn found the accused driver Jarosław W. guilty of committing offenses – not keeping a safe distance between vehicles and causing a threat to road safety. He then fined him $15,000. fines and a driving ban for one year and two months.

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The appellate court changed the verdict of the court of first instance, increasing the ban on driving all motor vehicles to the maximum provided for, i.e. three years. At the same time, he maintained the amount of the fine imposed on the accused. The judgment is final.

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Referee: Created a traffic hazard

Judge Leszek Wojgienica indicated in the oral justification that the court of first instance correctly assessed the evidence. He added that there is no doubt about the course of the incident, because it was recorded on a car camera. In the court’s opinion, it was also shown that the Volkswagen involved in the incident was driven by Jarosław W., which the defense tried to undermine.

The judge emphasized that Jarosław W. created a great danger in road traffic with his behavior, so this should be reflected in the amount of the driving ban awarded. He noted that one of the expectations of the legislator was for people to get the message that this is a lesson for a driver who causes this kind of threat.

Sergiusz’s seat after the accident on S7OSP Olsztynek

“I believe that if the accused went to the max, I will go to the max. And he got the maximum measure of this measure, because this is the measure of the penalty measure that opens our eyes and says: +see what danger you have created, who you are for others road users, they want to feel safe+” – said the judge, adding that he would not like to meet such a driver on the road.

He cut off the family for no reason

A dangerous collision occurred in August 2022 on the S7 expressway between Ostróda and Olsztynek. According to police findings, Jarosław W. was driving a Volkswagen drove off and for no good reason, he braked sharply in front of the Seat, which was traveling with a married couple with a 4-year-old son.

Recording of the accident near Olsztynek11.08 | The driver of the Volkswagen Arteon cut in the way of the family driving the Seat, then braked sharply. The Seat skidded and crashed hard against the barriers. Only by a miracle no one was seriously hurt. The injured began searching for the road pirate on social media.Internet

The driver of the Seat lost control of the car and hit the roadside barrier several times. The seat was heavily damaged, fortunately no one was injured. The collision became famous as a “road aggression case on the S7” when a video of the incident appeared on social media. The victim then asked Internet users for help in determining the perpetrator, because the Volkswagen left the scene.

There will be one more process

The injured driver of the Seat said on Thursday after leaving the courtroom that he was very happy about this verdict. “I am glad that road banditry in Poland is finally being taken seriously,” he added.

Jarosław W., legally punished on Thursday for a traffic offense, is waiting for one more trial. A few days ago, the Olsztyn-Południe District Prosecutor’s Office accused him of exposing a family of three traveling in a seat to the immediate danger of loss of life or serious damage to health.

Indictment regarding road aggression on S7

Indictment regarding road aggression on S7TVN24

According to the investigators, he deliberately violated the rules of road safety by cutting into the road and other dangerous manoeuvres. This is a crime under Art. 160 pairs 1 of the Penal Code, punishable by up to three years in prison. The suspect pleaded not guilty to the act and declined to comment.

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