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Olsztynek. The car in front of them braked, the family with the child drove into the barriers. Judgment of the court after the collision on S7

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The District Court in Olsztyn issued a judgment in the case of Jarosław W., who was accused of causing a collision on the S7 expressway. The court found that by not keeping a safe distance between vehicles, he contributed to the fact that the seat with a family of three hit the road barriers. The man claimed he wasn’t behind the wheel. The decision is not final.

A verdict was passed before the District Court in Olsztyn regarding the event that took place in August 2022 on the S7 expressway between Ostróda and Olsztynek. Jarosław W. was found guilty and must pay a fine of PLN 15,000. The court also decided to ban him from driving for a period of one year and two months.

The judgment is invalid.

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The camera recorded everything

On an unlucky day, Sergiusz Różicki’s family was traveling along the S7 route, when suddenly the driver of another vehicle blocked their way and braked sharply. Mr. Sergiusz, trying to avoid a collision, lost control of the car.

The Seat, which he was driving with his wife and four-year-old son, hit the energy-intensive barriers several times, the car was destroyed. The man got out of the vehicle, appealed to other drivers: “Chase him, I beg you.”

Seat driver: I couldn’t predict what he did TVN24

His version was confirmed by the recording from the camera installed in another vehicle, as well as the testimonies of witnesses.

“Policemen and firefighters who arrived on the scene said it was a miracle that we survived. Ended up with bruises. Mentally, though, it’s not the best. I will never forget it for the rest of my life,” the victim told us a few days after the incident.

Witness: He stopped and then drove away

– I’m a volunteer firefighter. When the car crashed into the barriers in front of my eyes, I wasn’t convinced it was a collision. I expected it to be an accident with serious injuries, possibly even fatal,” one witness told the court. And he added that the perpetrator “stopped on the expressway for a while and then drove away”.

I couldn’t have predicted what he did. I bring about maximum possible penalty for a man who simply does not comply with social norms, Różicki said in court.

According to staff sergeant Damian Wietrak from the police in Olsztyn, the perpetrator of the incident on S7 acted on the “principle of revenge”. – It was probably supposed to be a punishment (braking in front of the bonnet – ed.) for the fact that the seat driver traveling with his family did not drive the left lane as fast as the perpetrator wished. In the recording from the video recorder of one of the witnesses, we can see that the perpetrator’s braking began even before he fully left the left lane into the right one – emphasized the policeman. He added that the driver was aware of the collision.

He stopped some distance away and then drove away. So he knew what had happened. And he applied for the Volkswagen driver to be found guilty, a fine of PLN 15,000 and a three-year driving ban.

Sergiusz’s seat after the accident on S7OSP Olsztynek

He said he wasn’t driving

The man accused in the case claimed from the beginning that he was not driving the vehicle. The car was not his property – the owner was a leasing company, but he was indicated as the user of the vehicle. Witness statements were inconclusive.

However, the defendant’s phone was logged in the vicinity of the collision site at the time of the incident. Later, he would also call his wife, whose phone was in Olsztyn at that time.

For causing a threat to road safety, the Code of Petty Offenses provides for a fine of up to PLN 30,000. zloty. In addition, the court may decide to suspend your driving licence.

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