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ON MONDAY // Warsaw. The Paid Unguarded Parking Zone has expanded again. Where do you have to pay for parking your car? Where to buy a subscription? Who is entitled to?

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On Monday, changes to the Paid Unguarded Parking Zone in Warsaw came into force. Drivers will pay for leaving their cars in the vicinity of Plac Hallera and in the upper Mokotów district.

The zone began to function in an extended formula from January 2, 2023. The City Hall assumes that the revenues to the city budget from fees in the SPPN will increase to PLN 180 million per year (PLN 151 million a year earlier). After expanding the zone with new areas, an additional amount of almost PLN 22 million will be added. One place is expected to generate PLN 3,504 annually on average.

The Paid Unguarded Parking Zone will be extended to Praga-Północ and northern MokotówZDM

Decision of the councillors

The councilors decided in June this year to extend the paid parking zone. In Mokotów, the extension will cover the lower Mokotów (to the line of Gagarina Street) and the upper Mokotów (to the line of Różana Street). The zone will be expanded by 30 kilometers of roads occupying nearly five square kilometers. There will be five thousand public parking spaces and over half a thousand additional ones in zones only for residents.

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In Praga Północ, the extension will cover mainly the area around Plac Hallera in the quarter of Jagiellońska, Ratuszowa, 11 Listopada and Starzyńskiego streets. In this area, the zone will cover over nine kilometers of roads lying on an area of ​​less than one square kilometer. Road builders will designate nearly 1,500 parking spaces along public roads and additional parking spaces for residents only.

Who is entitled to a subscription?

A resident’s subscription can be obtained by a person who meets all of the following conditions: – is registered for permanent or temporary residence in the SPPN, – settled PIT for the previous year in Warsaw, – is the owner, co-owner or user of a motor vehicle with a maximum permissible weight of up to 2, 5 tons or a passenger car over 2.5 tons.

Where to subscribe?

Matters related to the subscription, i.e. obtaining or extending it, can be arranged: – completely via the Internet – at subscriptionzdomu.zdm.waw.pl. – stationary – at each of the Passenger Service Points.

The choice of the subscription type is up to the resident. Two types are available:

Area plan: it costs PLN 30 a year and allows you to park in a small area near the place of residence: within 100 m from parking meters located no more than 150 m from the house, which translates into an average of several dozen parking spaces. Entitles you to park in “zones only for residents”, i.e. on sections of roads marked with the sign B-35 “no parking” with a plate reading “Not applicable to holders of the “B-35″ ID card – XYZ”, where XYZ means the area code entered on the ID card . Sections B-35 located in the area up to 150 m from the place of residence are assigned to the regional subscription.

Area subscription, costs PLN 600 per year (with the option of paying in two equal installments) and allows you to park in the area covering the entire housing estate. Subscription areas include approx. 800-1200 parking spaces. You can park on both sides of the streets that are the boundaries of the areas. A person registered at the border of the area can choose in which area the subscription will be valid. It entitles you to park in “zones only for residents” B-35 throughout the subscription area.

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