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Oncological prophylaxis. How to detect cancer early. Doctor’s advice

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Cancer does not choose, you can get sick at any age and you should get tested at any age – appealed Leszek Smorąg, MD, PhD. The oncologist emphasized the importance of prevention “aimed at people who have no symptoms”. – I have patients who, thanks to the tests performed at such picnics, are alive – he argued during the Health Picnic in Kielce.

According to the data of the National Cancer Registry, over 160,000 cancers are diagnosed annually in Poland. new cases of malignant tumors and about 100,000 deaths. Over a million Poles live with cancer diagnosed in the previous 15 years. Malignant neoplasms are the second cause of death in Poland, after cardiovascular diseases.

Oncologist: early cancer detection is not a sentence

Cytology and mammography, control of moles on the skin or eye examination – a number of preventive examinations could be performed on Saturday at the Market Square in Kielce, where the Picnic of Health was organized. The event was jointly prepared by the Świętokrzyskie branch National Health Fund, the Świętokrzyskie Cancer Center and the Overcome Cancer Foundation. Doctor Leszek Smorąg, head of the Department of Oncological Prevention at the Świętokrzyskie Oncology Center, encouraged to perform preventive examinations.

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– Early detection of cancer is certainly not a sentence, but a disease to be cured. However, by disregarding the symptoms, we condemn ourselves to heavy treatment, which is both crippling and burdensome for the body – noted the doctor.

He added that prevention is the key to a long and healthy life. – A few days ago I diagnosed a 29-year-old patient with breast cancer. She had sensed the change for more than a year, but she was sure she wouldn’t get cancer at that age. Cancer does not choose, you can get sick at any age and you should get tested at any age – added the specialist.

– Let’s remember that prevention is aimed at people who do not have any symptoms. I have patients who, thanks to the research done at such picnics, are alive. Some came specifically for a picnic to check their health. Others, in turn, were invited by a friend or family member. They owe their lives to such research, he noted.

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Cytomammobus in Świętokrzyskie

The president of the Defeat Cancer Foundation, Katarzyna Gulczyńska, pointed out that the Świętokrzyskie voivodeship stands out from the rest because it has a special cytomammobus.

But it saddens me that there are so few studies. 15 percent of eligible women perform cytology. We don’t appreciate what we have. Cytomammobus is the only such vehicle in Poland. So I am asking you to take advantage of this goodness. Let’s always stay one step ahead of the disease.

On Sunday, the Health Picnic will move to the square next to the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center in Pińczów. Preventive examinations will be available from 12 to 17.

Cancer in Poland

WITH the report “Malignant neoplasms in Poland in 2020”, prepared by the National Institute of Oncology as part of the National Cancer Registry project, shows that three years ago the malignant tumor most often faced by Polish women was breast cancer. It accounted for almost a quarter (23.8%) of all malignant tumors in Polish women.

In Polish men, the most common malignant tumor in 2020 was prostate cancer, accounting for 19.6 percent. of all such cancers reported in this group.

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