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Oncology. They leave hospitals and have to get money for treatment. “It costs about PLN 12,000 to PLN 15,000 a month”

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It's hard to imagine a more desperate situation – cancer patients have to fight one fight against cancer and another to get money for this fight. Because there are modern drugs whose effectiveness is confirmed, but 30 percent of them are not reimbursed in Poland.

Ludwik Konopka's instruments from Katowice are waiting at the ready. The musician has only just left the hospital, but he will have to get back together and start earning money by playing for further treatment of lung cancer, because the Ministry of Health does not reimburse the drug that saves his life. And the monthly rate is high. – My cost of living has increased by PLN 15,000, and I don't play in the Rolling Stones, nor in Pink Floyd, nor in Lady Pank – says musician Ludwik Konopko. That's why the man collects money online. Just like Mrs. Arleta Hassine from Inowrocław or Iwona Dec from Jasionka. – It costs about PLN 12,000 to PLN 15,000 a month, and you take it (the drug – ed.) for two years – says Iwona Dec.

These and other patients are raising money for medicines registered in the European Union. Modern, the effectiveness of treatment is beyond doubt. The latest onco-index of the Alivia Foundation shows that still over 30 percent of drug therapies in cancers with the highest mortality rate are not reimbursed in Poland. The worst thing is the treatment of the liver.

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Szczylik: the incidence of cancer is measured with the knowledge that the annual increase is about two or three percentTVN24

– Cancer of the liver and hepatic ducts – five out of seven drugs recommended by the European Society of Clinical Oncology are missing there – warns Joanna Frątczak-Kazana from the Alivia Foundation.

Secondly, the problem concerns drugs for bladder cancer – in this case, half of the available modern substances are not reimbursed. Some of these drugs are not even new anymore, and yet they are still not reimbursed. As in the case of the large intestine – the third most common cancer in Poland.

Mortality rate due to cancer in Poland is higher than the EU average

– Five to ten percent of patients have a specific, one mutation that we know requires specific treatment, and this treatment, which has been available in the world for 5-6 years, is still completely unavailable in Poland – says Professor Piotr Wysocki, head of the Department. Clinical Oncology of the University Hospital in Krakow, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University.

The Ministry of Health defends itself by saying that the situation is improving every year and the effectiveness of treatment is increasing. But – as Deputy Minister Maciej Miłkowski points out – in the end, what counts is money.

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– Sometimes there are better drugs for the same indications at lower costs, and we only choose what is more economically profitable for the state budget with no worse results for patients – says Maciej Miłkowski.

European reports show that the cancer mortality rate in Poland is as much as fifteen percent higher than the average in the European Union.

Main photo source: TVN24

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