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One hundred days in office of Minister Robert Telus. Farmers gave him an assessment, they did not spare criticism

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One hundred days in office – the Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus, gives himself a card and lists his successes in an occasional film. Meanwhile, farmers are protesting in front of the Ministry’s headquarters, for whom – as they say – a hundred days of lies and propaganda have passed.

Agriculture Minister Robert Telus organized a press conference in which he summed up 100 days of his tenure in the ministry. From the film we could learn that the minister has a wife, passion, what values ​​he professes, what he did, who he met with, whom he helped. – It’s only been a hundred days, and so much has happened, it has lasted so long – said the minister.

However, if the minister had gone outside the building, he would have seen and heard that not everyone shared his admiration. – I am ashamed that farmers have such a minister – says Łukasz Cielma, a fruit producer from the Lublin Voivodeship, who is protesting in front of the ministry. In turn, the leader of AgroUnion, Michał Kołodziejczak, estimates that these are “a hundred days of lies and propaganda”.

The farmers stand outside the ministry for another day, but neither Robert Telus nor any of his six deputy ministers came out to visit them. The Minister of Agriculture does not rule out a meeting with the leader of AgroUnion, Michał Kołodziejczak, but points out that he must “talk normally”.

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Although Minister Telus presented a whole list of settled matters – from billions of subsidies for farmers, through pensions for village leaders, to subsidies for agricultural fuel and emptying silos – AgroUnia believes that he has made farmers “idiots”.

Crisis is chasing crisis

The payment of subsidies has also started, so the only question is: if it is so good, why is it so bad? – Harvest has begun and farmers traditionally mow, but unfortunately, non-traditional farmers do not know why they mow, because they do not know how much, where and to whom they will sell – Marek Sawicki, MP of the Polish People’s Party, points out.

Until mid-September there is a blockade on Ukrainian grain in five European “frontline” countries. Since Monday, when the Russians withdrew from the grain agreement, the situation has changed significantly.

Cherries growers are protesting because the prices in procurement are too low. They set up a stall outside the Ministry of AgricultureArleta Zalewska/Fakty TVN

– We are not completely prepared, we should have assumed such a scenario a year ago – emphasizes Kołodziejczak. – We would be happy if this grain was passing through, and not lying in Polish warehouses, flooding the Polish market – indicates Stanisław Barna, a farmer from Żeliszew.

The minister did not foresee the crisis on the soft fruit market, but he should have, because he had been warned. Raspberries are – as we hear – still purchased below profitability, while cherries are purchased for PLN 5 per kilogram. There is also a problem with currants on the horizon. – The redcurrant will stay on the bushes. No one will harvest for PLN 0.40 per kilogram – indicates Krzysztof Chmiel, a farmer from the Lublin region, who is protesting in front of the ministry.

Main photo source: PAP/Albert Zawada

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