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One occurs only in Jamaica, the other only in the Solomon Islands. They were in a package from Kazakhstan

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Eight prepared butterflies, including a specimen worth at least six thousand dollars, were found in a parcel sent in Kazakhstan by officers of the postal customs department in Warsaw. It was supposed to contain pictures worth 200 Kazakh tenge, or about two zlotys.

The parcel discovered eight specimens of butterflies that belong to the swallowtail butterfly family and are protected by CITES. One of the butterflies is the extremely rare Jamaican swallowtail, Papilio homerus, which is a critically endangered species found only in Jamaica. Look; It is endemic and lives in only two places on this island. The population size is systematically decreasing, including: due to the enormous pressure exerted by collectors. The rarer the species, the higher its black market value. One specimen of a Jamaican swallowtail can cost more than six thousand dollars.

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Three butterflies from the Solomon Islands

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The smuggled specimens also included three butterflies that belong to the so-called birdwings of the genus Ornithoptera spp. Birdwing swallowtails owe their common name to their exceptionally large wings, which can span up to 28 centimeters, as well as to their characteristic flight, which makes them similar to birds. They are also highly sought after by collectors. The shipment contained two males and one female of a species endemic to the Solomon Islands.

There are no documents

Junior asp. Justyna Pasieczyńska, spokeswoman for the head of the National Tax Administration, junior asp. explained that the sender did not attach the documents required by law to the shipment from Kazakhstan. – In this case, along with the customs declaration for clearance, the originals of the CITES import permit and the CITES document from the exporting country, cleared by the customs authorities of that country, should be presented – she added.

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– Import of CITES specimens from third countries to the European Union or export from the European Union is possible on the basis of issued permits and certificates. The lack of such documents during transport results in the detention of CITES specimens and is a crime punishable by imprisonment from three months to five years, she said.

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