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One of all, all for one. This is a “sacred commitment” of NATO members

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NATO’s sacred principle is that in the event of an attack, the response is one for all, all for one. To date, this rule has only been triggered once when a terrorist attack occurred on the United States.

The Cold War has just begun. Mutual distrust between the East and the West was growing. To protect themselves against the superpower ambitions of the Soviet Union, 12 countries, led by the United States, established NATO – a new political and military international organization. On April 4, 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington. – It’s a simple document. The nations that signed it undertake to apply the peaceful principles of the United Nations and maintain friendly relations and economic cooperation. They undertake to conduct consultations when the territory or sovereignty of any state is threatened. They undertake to come to the aid if any country is attacked, said US President Harry Truman in 1949. The then President of the United States, Harry Truman, referred to the most important provision of the Treaty in this way. This is Article Five, which states that an armed attack against any of the Alliance’s states is considered an attack against all.

When the Iron Curtain disappeared, Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe immediately started trying to join the Alliance, because there was no better guarantee of security. – From that day on, Poland becomes a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, so for the first time, probably since the Relief of Vienna, it becomes a truly safe country – emphasized Defense Minister Janusz Onyszkiewicz in February 1999. So far, Article 5 has been triggered only once – after the attacks on the United States in September 2001. Then, as part of collective defense, Alliance aircraft patrolled American airspace for over half a year.

Donald Trump said what he thinks about the commitment to defend NATO members. “Horrifying and senseless”Katarzyna Sławińska/Fakty TVN

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When Russia attacked Ukraine, when it invaded a country bordering four NATO countries, assurances about the inviolability of Article 5 were made repeatedly. In 2023, in the gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, they were also repeated by Joe Biden. – Let there be no doubts here. The U.S. commitment to our NATO allies and Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty is unshakable. Every NATO member knows this, and Russia knows it too. An attack on one is an attack on all. It’s a sacred commitment. A sacred commitment to defend every inch of NATO territory, the US president emphasized.

In 2024, the North Atlantic Alliance celebrates its 75th anniversary. A special anniversary summit will be held in July in Washington. Four months later, Americans will elect their president.

Author:Joanna Stempień

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