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One of the abortion projects with the consent of the commission. This is a project of the Left and decriminalization and decriminalization

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On Tuesday, the Sejm extraordinary committee adopted one of the bills regarding abortion. Chairwoman Dorota Łoboda (KO) assured before the meeting that “the amendments were agreed among the coalition partners” and she believed that the proposal would be passed. Deputy Minister of Health Wojciech Konieczny (Left Wing) stated that the entire ministry was behind the project. Now the project returns to the Sejm.

On Tuesday afternoon, a meeting of the extraordinary parliamentary committee to consider draft laws regarding the right to terminate pregnancy was held. It is about two projects of the Left, one of the Civic Coalition and one of the Third Way, i.e PSL and Poland 2050.

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During Tuesday's meeting, a parliamentary bill amending the Penal Code Act was adopted with amendments. This is a project of the Left, which assumes decriminalization and decriminalization of acts related to termination of pregnancy in Poland. The vote also decided that Anna Maria Żukowska from the Left would present the committee's report in the plenary hall.

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The chairwoman argues: my swords are counted

Before the meeting, the chairwoman of the extraordinary committee, Dorota Łoboda (KO), said that her “swords were numbered.” – All amendments have been agreed among the coalition partners and I hope that today there will be enough votes to pass the project regarding the decriminalization of abortion, i.e. changes to the Penal Code that will mean that a person who helps a woman terminate a pregnancy – which is not in Poland it is a crime, terminating one's own pregnancy is not a crime – it will not be punished with a prison sentence – she said.

When asked whether the votes in the Polish People's Party were divided and whether she was sure that it would be possible to gather a majority to adopt the project in committee, she replied: – I know which MPs are for and against. I know that Third Way is divided on this issue, and there is indeed a difference of opinion within the PSL itself.

– What we keep explaining is the story that, for example, mothers who help their 16-year-old daughter get pills to terminate an unwanted pregnancy are punished by limiting their parental rights – she added. In her opinion, “this law is not adapted to reality.” – It punishes people for supporting the women closest to them in decisions that these women have the right to make – she noted.

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Łoboda was also asked whether she thought the president would sign such a bill even if it were passed in committee. – We will, of course, convince the president with the same arguments. Talking about the fact that terminating your own pregnancy is not a crime. So why does Polish law punish someone who helps with something that is not a crime? – she asked.

Deputy Minister on the government agreement. “There will be no objections from any of the parties”

Deputy Minister of Health Wojciech Konieczny (Left Wing) pointed out that this is a project supported by the entire ministry. – As a ministry, we are in full support of this project, so that it can be processed as quickly as possible, so that it gets the green light and appears in the Sejm – he said in an interview with TVN24 reporter Maja Wójcikowska, adding that “it would be good if such a decision were made today.” “has sunk in.”

An extraordinary parliamentary committee deals with bills on abortion. Deputy Minister on the government agreementTVN24

– As for the remaining projects, we know that longer work and clarification of positions are needed – he admitted.

When asked whether the government had common consent to the Left's proposals discussed on Tuesday, he argued that “yes, this is the position we present as a ministry.” – I think there will be no objections from either side. On the side of the coalition, of course – he reserved.

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