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One of the most important AfD politicians allegedly received money from Russian intelligence

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This may be further proof of the strength of Russian influence in Europe. A member of the German parliament is accused of accepting money from Russian intelligence. This is important because Petr Bystron is not only a member of the Bundestag, but also a candidate for the European Parliament with second place on the AfD party list.

Petr Bystron is one of the most important politicians of the far-right Alternative for Germany. According to the German “Spiegel” and the Czech newspaper “Denik N”, the Czech counterintelligence has an audio recording that is supposed to be proof that Bystron accepts money from Russian intelligence.

When the AfD authorities called on the politician to provide explanations, he wrote a letter in which he presented himself as a victim of the “globalists' slanderous campaign.” Early on, Bystron became famous for numerous anti-Ukrainian and pro-Kremlin statements.

– Military support for Ukraine is big business, especially for American companies. The conflict continues, many people lose their lives, but the military industry earns tens of billions. Profits are an impulse for further deliveries, said an AfD politician recently.

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According to several sources in the Czech counterintelligence, Bystron allegedly accepted money from employees of the Voice of Europe portal. The website financed by the Kremlin not only spread propaganda, but was also intended to serve as a tool for secretly financing candidates favorable to Moscow in the next European elections.

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The large-scale operation was detected by the Czech services at the end of March. There were several arrests, including in Poland. In total, to politicians in six European Union countries – including: in Germany, France, Poland and the Netherlands – several hundred thousand euros were to be received.

Alternative for Germany recognized as an extremist organization in three federal states (archived video)Reuters Archive

Conference with a Confederation politician

Petr Bystron is not an anonymous figure in Poland. Two years ago, at a conference condemning the imposition of sanctions on Russia, he was accompanied by Confederation MP Grzegorz Braun. At the end of February, Bystron criticized the democratic change of power in our country as follows: – The events since the takeover of power have nothing to do with democracy. The three election losers decided to unite to prevent the winner from exercising power, and since then they have ruled using violence, breaking the law and trampling on centuries-old traditions, he said at the Bundestag.

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In recent days, Petr Bystrom gave an interview to China Central Television, in which he stated that the German government by helping Ukraine is cheating its citizens. – Since the escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, a significant number of German citizens have expressed strong opposition to the supply of any type of weapons to Ukraine. Initially, the government assured that it would only provide helmets and rifles, but then increased support to include heavy weapons and ammunition. The government assured that it would not deliver armored vehicles, but they are present in Ukraine, he said.

Petr Bystron is number two on the Alternative for Germany list in the June European elections. The AfD is the second force in Germany, which means that the politician will almost certainly end up in Brussels.

Author:Jakub Loska

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