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Only then will Moscow feel the EU sanctions. “It's more like a slow puncture”

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O'Sullivan asked if he was satisfied with the level of sanctionswhich European Union imposed on Russia after the invasion began Ukrainesaid yes, although – as he noted – “one can always wonder whether more could be done and whether sanctions could not be better implemented.”

– But let's be honest, the level of sanctions is astounding, because they cover 60 percent. our previous imports and 58 percent export. We have done a lot, especially in the energy sector – here we have significantly reduced our dependence on Russian raw materials. Our technological restrictions and their impact on the Russian economy are also significant, he emphasized.

O'Sullivan, however, stipulated that “you have to have it realistic expectations and understand that sanctions are a relatively slow-acting tool.” – Russia he won't feel them fully, most likely until next year, meanwhile the war continues and people are dying. It's more of a slow puncture, O'Sullivan explained in an interview for “DGP”.

EU sanctions against Russia. “He will pay for the damage caused in Ukraine”

In his opinion, the disconnection of many Russian banks from the SWIFT system and the “immobilization of the Bank of Russia's assets” was a serious blow. The diplomat noted that The Kremlin lost in this way access to EUR 300 billion.

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When asked what would happen to the frozen EUR 300 billion, O'Sullivan said one thing was certain: “central bank assets have been immobilized and will not be returned soon.”

– One way or another Russia will pay for the damage caused to Ukraine or for its reconstruction. Everyone agrees on this. Additionally, a mechanism has been created to use profits from immobilized assets, which are regularly rolled over and bring in EUR 3-4 billion annually. We will give this money to Ukraine for military purposes through the European Peace Facility. This decision is being made now, O'Sullivan said.

O'Sullivan also referred to the 14th sanctions package that the EU is working on. – I hope that this will happen in June, around the two meetings planned for this month European Council. This will be a significant package, adding new tools and strengthening existing ones, which will affect their effectiveness. The negotiations themselves are hard work. We have 27 countries that need to reach unanimity. We are heading in the right directionI expect a decision this month – he said.

War in Ukraine and sanctions for Russia. There will be another package

As the diplomat assessed, it is true that there are differences in the sanctions imposed on Minsk and Moscow big gap. – As a result, many goods reach Russia this way. There are differences of opinion between individual Member States on this, but I hope that with the 14th sanctions package we will finally be able to close this gap, he emphasized.

We reported on Thursday that EU countries were to agree on the 14th package of sanctions against Russia. The new restrictions include: limit revenues from export of energy raw materials. The proposals also include a ban on ships transporting Russian goods from European ports, which is also intended to limit Moscow's profits.

“This uncompromising package will make it even more difficult for Russia to access key technologies,” the head of the European Commission wrote on X. Ursula von der Leyen. “It will deprive Russia of further revenues from (exports – ed.) energy. It will solve the problem of the so-called Putin's shadow fleet and parallel banking networks abroad,” she emphasized.

Ultimately, the new tranche of restrictions on Russia is to be approved by foreign ministers at the meeting in Luxembourg to be held 24th of June.

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