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Opening of the tunnel in Świnoujście. Where does the money for investment come from?

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PLN 158.5 billion are funds from the National Reconstruction Plan, which Poland is entitled to, but which we have not yet received due to PiS’s actions regarding the judiciary. Meanwhile, for this amount, 173 such tunnels can be built, which was opened on Friday in Świnoujście with the participation of representatives of the government and PiS, including Jarosław Kaczyński. There are no funds from the KPO, and the topic of the participation of European funds in the implemented investments is avoided by the authorities like the plague.

It happened on Friday ceremonial opening of the tunnel in Świnoujściewhich connected the islands of Wolin and Usedom. Until now, to get to the city, you had to use the ferry crossing, for which you often had to wait in a queue. Now getting to the city will be much easier, and the tunnel will take 3 minutes.

The Deputy Prime Minister, among others, attended the opening ceremony Jaroslaw Kaczynskiwho did not stutter a word about where the funds for the construction of the investment came from.

The construction of the tunnel cost PLN 912,500,000. Of which PLN 136,800,000 (15 percent) was allocated from the city budget, and the rest of the expenses – as noted by TVN24 reporter Bartłomiej Ślak – covered European Union – PLN 775,700,000 (85%).

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Jaroslaw Kaczyński, Joachim Brudziński, Rafał Bochenek, Krzysztof SobolewskiPAP/Marcin Bielecki

Inconvenient subject of EU funds

This is another time when representatives of the authorities omit how much the contribution of funds from the European Union to investments implemented in Poland is.

The TVN24 reporter calculates that when the tunnel was opened on the new zakopianka, which was named after Maria i Lech Kaczynskithe officials present at the time (president PIS Jarosław Kaczyński, Minister of Infrastructure Andrew Adamczyk, an MP from the ruling party Anna Paluch, and even Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski) did not mention that out of over PLN 2.5 billion in construction costs of the S7 section, as much as 51 percent. financed by the European Union.

The representative of the European Commission in Poland, Jacek Wasik, was to speak during the opening of this facility. Ultimately, this did not happen, he was not allowed to speak, which he referred to on Twitter at the time, reminding how much the EU had donated for this purpose.

“In addition to vision and courage, EU funds are also needed, in this case PLN 1.3 billion. And I wanted to remind you about this at today’s opening, but contrary to earlier arrangements with the Ministry of Infrastructure, I was not allowed to speak!” Wasik wrote.

Thanks to the KPO funds, there could be more investments

The same was the case with the completion of the A1 motorway. In its case, 49 percent of the project was financed from European funds. investment worth PLN 3.5 billion.

This was also repeated in the case of sections of the S19 expressway on the Rzeszów-Lublin route, modernized as part of the “Via Carpatia” international route program. Jarosław Kaczyński also appeared at the opening, gave S19 the name of his late brother and again did not mention that the investment was financed by the European Union. This time, out of just over PLN 8.7 billion, EU funds accounted for 54 percent.

There could be more such investments in Poland. We are still waiting for the release of money from the National Reconstruction Plan, from which we are entitled to PLN 158.5 billion in subsidies and loans. The rulers sometimes appreciate the importance of these measures, sometimes they downplay them. However, referring to the examples of opened investments, for this amount it would be possible to open 173 tunnels such as in Świnoujście or build 181 sections of the S19 expressway.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

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