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Operating time in 2024. Employees will work more hours than in 2023 – inFakt calculations

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In 2024, employees will work 251 days – calculated by inFakt. That’s one day more than this year. The most working days in one month are in July and October. In turn, there will be the most opportunities for rest in May, November and December.

The calendar includes a total of 13 public holidays per year. Next year’s calendar means that in 2024, employees will work 251 days, or 2,008 hours. This is 8 hours more than in 2023 – reported inFakt.

Operating time in 2024

The most working hours are in July and October – in both cases it will be 184 hours (23 working days). On the other hand, the smallest number of working hours occurs in November – 152 hours (19 working days).

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The most days off are in May, November and December – 11 days each.

Please note that you are not entitled to an additional day off for a public holiday falling on a Sunday. However, it is due to employees when a holiday falls on a Saturday. This will be the case with Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 6. In 2024, it falls on a Saturday. Employees will therefore be able to take an additional day off. This applies to people employed under an employment contract.

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“Granting a day off due to a holiday falling on a Saturday should take place within the settlement period adopted/agreed by the employer,” the consulting company Deloitte recently indicated. “The employer sets the date of the day off independently, there is no obligation to agree it with the employees. The date is established by announcing it as part of an order or announcement or in another manner adopted by the employer,” it added.

However, it is worth remembering that the employer cannot grant several hours of time off a day instead of a whole day away from work – the number of days off work in a given settlement period must match.

Epiphany is the only public holiday that falls on a Saturday next year. The rest fall on Sundays or weekdays.


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