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Opoczno. 39-year-old suspected of attempted rape. He fell in by a characteristic gait

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On Saturday, the police from Opoczno (Łódź Voivodeship) received a report that someone had tried to rape a young girl who was roller skating. The monitoring did record the event, but it was of poor quality. However, he allowed the officers to see how the wanted person was walking. It was enough for them.

The policemen were alerted on Saturday evening that someone tried to attack and rape a woman from Opoczno who was roller skating in the evening. Officers secured the tracks at the scene and checked whether there was any monitoring nearby.

– The camera recorded in poor quality. She only registered the silhouette of the wanted man, his clothes and – which turned out to be crucial – the characteristic way of moving the perpetrator – says sub-inspector Jacek Misiak, deputy police commander in Opoczno, in an interview with tvn24.pl.

He clarifies that the man in the video was lowered his head a lot.


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He was wanted in the wild for only a dozen or so hours. On Sunday, August 1, around 2:30 PM, the head of the Criminal Police Department in Opoczno returned from the service. When he pulled into Waryńskiego Street in Opoczno, he noticed a man walking down the sidewalk.

The policeman noted his characteristic gait. He quickly associated it with the image of the perpetrator of the attempted rape – says Chief Inspector Misiak.

The warden decided to act. He presented him with a service card and informed the walking man that he was detained.

– Didn’t he stress it was a coincidence? That he keeps an innocent person who just walks along? – we ask.

– You know, you have to have a good intuition in this profession. Luckily, the governor has one – replies the deputy commander.


In fact, the detainee quickly admitted that he had actually tried to rape the girl on roller skates.

– At that time, the previously called policemen arrived at the scene and transported the suspect to the headquarters – says Misiak.

The 39-year-old detained was charged with attempted rape. He faces up to 12 years in prison. The court agreed to the temporary arrest of the suspect.

The arrest took place at Waryńskiego Street in Opoczno

Main photo source: Police in Opoczno

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