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Opole. Following the reports regarding MP Adam Gomoła, the prosecutor’s office will check the financing of the Poland 2050 campaign

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Following reports of ambiguities in the financing of the Poland 2050 election campaign in the Opole Voivodeship, the prosecutor’s office will check whether there has been an offense specified in Article 506 of the Electoral Code.

As Stanisław Bar, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Opole, said on Monday, the prosecutor’s office will ex officio check the reports of “Nowa Trybuna Opolska” regarding potential irregularities in the financing of the Poland 2050 election campaign.

– Taking into account the content of media information, an offense described in Article 506 of the Electoral Code Act could have been committed, said prosecutor Bar.

According to this article, violating the openness and transparency of the financial management of an election committee may result in a fine ranging from one thousand to one hundred thousand zlotys.

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Charges against Gomola

The Nowa Trybuna Opolska website reported on Friday that it had “reached a recording in which the Polish 2050 MP Adam Gomoła persuades one of the politicians to donate PLN 20,000 to the account of the private company of the head of his electoral staff.” According to the portal, in the recording MP Gomoła can be heard saying that “signing consulting contracts is a common practice in his political environment.” “This often happens in key places,” Gomoła allegedly claimed.

Adam GomołaMARCIN BANASZKIEWICZ / FotoNews / Forum

After publication, the board of the Poland 2050 party Szymon Hołownia issued the first statement on Friday, in which he announced that in connection with press information about MP Adam Gomoła, he was obliged to provide full explanations. At the same time, he was removed from all activities related to the ongoing election campaign.

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It was announced that the Opole region would be under additional supervision of the financial representative of KKW Trzecia Droga PSL-PL2050, Szymon Hołownia. Until the matter is clarified, MP Gomoła has been suspended as a member of the Poland 2050-Trzecia Droga Parliamentary Club.

– If the accusation against MP Gomoła is confirmed, or at least I still have doubts as to how he behaved in this situation, I will recommend to the club authorities and the party management to end cooperation with MP Gomoła – announced the leader of Poland 2050, Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia.

The party’s management also assured that it is conducting the election campaign in accordance with the law and will clarify any disturbing signals on an ongoing basis. “If any irregularities are found, the party management will take appropriate action,” the statement said.

Adam Gomoła was in last year’s elections parliamentary “number one” on the Opole list of the Third Way. He ran on behalf of Poland 2050 and obtained 21,923 votes, becoming the youngest MP of the current term. After the elections, he emphasized on social media that despite the fact that he had only one billboard and the budget for his campaign was several dozen times smaller than that of his competitors, in many cases he received even twice as many votes as them.

Reasons for leaving

On Monday, Piotr Sitnik, former chairman of the provincial structures of Poland 2050 in Opole, admitted in statements to the Opole media that one of the reasons why he and two other members of the provincial board left the party in February 2024 was pressure from Gomoła to conclude an agreement. with his friend’s company, described in the NTO article.

According to Sitnik, the party headquarters was informed about the entire matter and related doubts. “I will only say that this letter, as well as previous requests for support, went unanswered. Which tipped the scales in favor of resignation,” explains Sitnik in an interview for the O!polska360 portal.

“We acted quickly”

National Board of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia adopted a resolution on Fridayunder which he excluded MP Adam Gomoła from the party – it was announced in a Friday statement published on the website of Poland 2050.

The group’s leader and Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, commented on this matter on Saturday. – We acted quickly. I really wish every party would react so quickly and treat difficult situations with an open face, he said. – People are different. People react in very different ways to the responsibility entrusted to them, to the pressure they are under, to the temptations that arise, and they often make poor decisions as a result – he added.

Szymon HołowniaTVN24

– Somehow I feel very sorry about what happened and the choices he made, but I couldn’t accept that he would continue to hold any functions in our group. Due to the above, I proposed yesterday to the National Management Board that after reviewing the materials and after talks by the secretary general and vice-chairman of the party, we should end this cooperation – said Hołownia.

Hołownia: I’m just really sorry

As he stated, “I understand that Mr Gomola will now become a non-attached MP.” – The Constitution clearly states that the mandate is free, so even the voters’ instructions are not binding on the MP. This is written in the constitution. If he decides in his conscience that he wants to pass this mandate, he will pass it. However, as the leader of the group, I no longer have any power or suggestion over him, he added.

– I’m just humanly sorry that the boy, in my opinion, got lost somewhere at the beginning of his political path. In the decisions he made. I would like to hope that he will learn from the mistakes he has made. He will find the opportunity to repent of what was wrong. Maybe one day, wiser for this experience, he will return to public activity, but for now certainly not with Poland 2050 in the works – he added.

Main photo source: MARCIN BANASZKIEWICZ / FotoNews / Forum

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