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Opole. He was supposed to organize illegal dog fights. 41-year-old, suspected of animal abuse, in custody

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A resident of the Opole region heard the charges and was arrested after policemen seized 11 Amstaff dogs on his property. According to investigators, the man organized illegal dog fights, and he was also supposed to feed the quadrupeds with testosterone. According to the police, the case is developmental and “may have a European scope”.

– A 41-year-old resident of the Opole region was to train dogs of aggressive breeds in terms of allowing them to fight, feed animals with testosterone, and organize illegal shows bearing the hallmarks of animal cruelty – informs Agnieszka Nierychła from the Police in Opole. And he adds that on one of the properties the officers found 11 Amstaffs.


Charges and arrest for a 41-year-old

According to the police, the animals were injured and scarred. And these – according to the uniforms – may prove that they took part in dog fights. – During the search of the premises, the officers revealed cups, trophies and diplomas that may come from the fighting. The investigators also seized exercise equipment and medicines for animals – reports Nierychła.

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A 41-year-old was detained in the case. The man heard the accusation of abusing, with particular cruelty, one of the dogs. According to the investigators, he forced the dog to behave contrary to its nature, engaged the dog to take part in fights, and thus condemned him to suffering. The owner of the quadrupeds was arrested by a court decision for two months. And for the abuse, with particular cruelty, of animals, he faces up to five years in prison.

– The case is developmental and may have a European scope – the policewoman reserves.

Main photo source: KMP Opole

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