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Opole Lubelskie. She went into the apartment, she wanted to change money. The 85-year-old lost 14,000 zlotys, the police are looking for women

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Policemen from Opole Lubelskie are looking for a young woman who stole 14,000 zlotys from the 85-year-old’s apartment. She got to the man’s house under the pretext of changing money. While the senior was looking for change, the woman left with his savings.

The incident took place on Friday after 2 p.m. in the estate at Puławska Street in Opole Lubelskie. – A young woman, who was sitting on the bench in front of the block, was approached by a young woman who called the senior by name and asked if he would change her money. The man agreed, but said that he had money at home – Sabina Piłat-Kozieł from the police in Opole Lubelskie informs.

She wanted a change, he lost PLN 14,000. The police are looking for a woman

The woman went with the 85-year-old to his apartment. And there, the man – looking for cash – was pointing to the places where he kept it. – He had 100-zloty bills there. The woman asked him if he had 50 zlotys of money, because that was what she wanted to exchange 200 zlotys for. The host left the room looking for change, and then the woman left the apartment taking all the money of the 85-year-old – reports Piłat-Kozieł.

When the man returned to the room, the woman was gone. There was also no 14,000 zlotys.

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According to the police, the woman is 25-28 years old. Now they are looking for her uniform. – People who saw the senior in the company of a young woman or have knowledge about it, please contact the Poviat Police Headquarters in Opole Lubelskie by calling 47 812 2210 or by calling the emergency number 112 – appeals Piłat-Kozieł. And he adds: – Let’s talk to our loved ones so that – under any pretext – they do not let people they do not know into their apartments.

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