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Opole. Masked men broke into a confectionery and a sports shop. They lost their backpack while on work

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Police officers from Strzelce Opolskie detained two men who broke into a confectionery shop and a day later into a sports shop. The burglars made the police’s work easier by losing a backpack with personal items at the crime scene.

The first burglary occurred in a bakery, where cash was stolen from a tip can, donuts and other products. A day later, the police received a report of another burglary. This time to a sports store, where clothes and shoes worth a total of approximately PLN 20,000 disappeared.

First they broke into a confectionery shop, then a clothes shop Opole Police

They lost their backpack and that’s how the police found them

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The police had no difficulty in selecting suspects because the burglars left a backpack with personal items in the robbed store, thanks to which the police learned their details.

Having collected evidence, the officers went to the residence of the 30- and 40-year-old. They were both surprised by the visit of the uniformed officers. They face up to 10 years in prison for burglary.

Thanks to the backpack, the police found the perpetrator of the attack Opole Police

During the escape, one of the men lost his backpack, which contained his dataOpole Police

Main photo source: Opole Police

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