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Opole. Prisoners accused of ordering the murder of the National Prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski were acquitted

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The District Court in Opole acquitted two inmates of the prison in Strzelce Opolskie, accused of planning the murder of the National Prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski. The men, however, were convicted of corruption, along with a prison guard. The judgment is not final.

The case concerns two men – Bogdan G. and Grzegorz P. According to the prosecution, while serving a prison sentence in a prison in Strzelce Opolskie, G. and P. were to prepare an attempt on the life of prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski and his relatives.

According to the investigators, in the initial phase the investigation into this case concerned corruption in the prison in Strzelce Opolskie. According to the findings, the prison tutor Krzysztof N. accepted bribes from Grzegorz P. and Bogdan G., who were serving sentences of imprisonment, among others for the killings.

“In return, Krzysztof N, (…) issued a positive opinion about Bogdan G. necessary to submit an application for his early release from the rest of the prison sentence. The officer of the Prison Service also provided the prisoner with dietary supplements, exercise accessories and other industrial and food products “- informed the National Prosecutor’s Office at the stage of completing the indictment.


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Fear of Święczkowski

In the course of the proceedings, the prosecutors obtained additional information, which allegedly showed that Bogdan G., persuaded by his cellmate Grzegorz P., helped to organize an attack on prosecutor Święczkowski and his family. Bogdan G. was to lead to the handing over of the silencer and ammunition to the person designated by Grzegorz P.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the main motive for the planned murder were concerns about the possible influence of the national prosecutor on the trial situation of Grzegorz P. Święczkowski led in the past to P.’s conviction for aiding and attempted murder. Another case he was conducting – an attempted murder – was dropped when another prosecutor took it over. It was her taking that the inmates were afraid of.

“Taking up this case again would mean that he could be convicted and for this crime. This, in turn, would mean that he would spend the rest of his life in prison” – indicated the National Prosecutor’s Office.

The prisoners were acquitted of the charges of inciting the attempt on the state prosecutorTVN24

The innocent of planning the coup

In the court’s opinion, the accusation was based on the unreliable testimony of an anonymous witness, was full of contradictions and did not deserve to be believed. The court drew attention to the scenario of an alleged attack presented by an incognito witness, which was to involve the murder of a person close to prosecutor Święczkowski, and when the latter arrives at the scene of the crime, he was also to be killed with an explosive explosion. The attack itself was supposed to be a way of preventing Grzegorz P. from being sentenced to life imprisonment. The court found both accused innocent.

– In Polish history, we have never dealt with an attempted murder of the most important prosecutor in Poland. It would be a crime of great caliber, comparable to the murder of commander Marek Papala. This would cause a real war between the criminal world and the judiciary. And one of the first suspects would be Grzegorz P., who is not a madman who wants to attract the attention of all services in the country – said Judge Mateusz Świst.

The inmates along with the prison guard were convicted of corruptionTVN24

Convicted of corruption

The second thread of the trial was corruption in the shooting facility. As presented during the trial, Bogdan G. and Grzegorz P., while serving their sentence, persuaded Krzysztof N., an officer of the Prison Service to cooperate in this prison. with the help of which he bought articles selected by them in Opole. Then, after smuggling into the prison, he delivered them their groceries to their cells. The officer, for the money received from the inmates, issued a positive opinion to Bogdan G., necessary for him to obtain early release from serving his sentence.

In this regard, the court found all three accused guilty. Krzysztof N. was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. Grzegorz P. – a penalty of two additional years ‘imprisonment, and Bogdan G. – four years’ imprisonment.

The judgment is not final.

PAP, Nowa Trybuna Opolska

Main photo source: TVN24

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