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Opole Province. Investigators smashed a group of hooligans. Ten people were arrested

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They have been preparing for several months. Over 70 officers took part in the action, they detained ten people associated with a group of hooligans – seven of them were temporarily arrested. Apartments, cars and facilities used by the suspects were searched, including amphetamines, marijuana and ecstasy tablets.

The Police Commander in Chief appointed a special investigative group consisting of policemen from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Opole and the Police Central Investigation Bureau. The function of the officers was to fight against gangs of hooligans.

10 people were detained during the actionCBSP

The appointment of such a special group was announced on Wednesday by subinsp. Iwona Jurkiewicz, press spokesman of the Central Police Investigation Bureau. The group’s actions resulted in hitting the community of hooligans who deal mainly with drug-related crime. Preparations for the action lasted several months. Over 70 officers, including anti-terrorists, took part in the activities carried out under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Opole.


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10 detainees in two voivodeships

– The drug gang operating in the Opolskie and Śląskie provinces was broken up. Ten people were arrested during the operation, seven of which were temporarily arrested – said the Chief Inspector. Jurkiewicz.

The suspects’ apartments, their cars and the facilities where they kept their belongings were searched. Drugs were secured: amphetamines, marijuana and ecstasy tablets, and a machete. The officers also seized electronic equipment and mobile phones, the contents of which will be analyzed in detail by IT experts. Money belonging to the suspects has been secured for future penalties and fines.

The police from Opole smashed the drug gangcbsp.policja.pl

Charges and arrests

A spokeswoman for CBŚP informed that all detainees were charged with possession and marketing of significant amounts of drugs. Seven people will be responsible for participating in an organized crime group and it is these people who have been temporarily arrested.

The case is of a developmental nature, the officers carefully determine, inter alia, the source of the prohibited substances and people who may be related to this group.

Action against hooligansCBŚP

Investigators found that drugs were mainly distributed in the Opole and Strzelce Poviats.

Secured cashCBŚP

Main photo source: CBSP

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