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Opole. Successful resuscitation of a 65-year-old man who collapsed in a supermarket. The police showed footage from body cameras

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He was at the cash register when he suddenly lost consciousness. A 65-year-old resident of Opole stopped breathing, his heart stopped. Fortunately, the police quickly appeared on the spot alerted by other customers of the store. Thanks to the recordings from the body cameras, we can see how the successful rescue operation was carried out.

On Wednesday, around 6 p.m., police officers from Opole were carrying out a road check when a man ran up to them and said that someone in a nearby store needed urgent help. – Officers ran to the scene – says Deputy Commissioner Dariusz Świątczak from the Opole Provincial Headquarters.

What happened next, we can see thanks to the recordings from the body cameras of the officers. The video was published by the Opole Voivodship Headquarters. You can hear on it that a police officer approaching the unconscious man first asked if the ambulance was informed about the incident. When he hears confirmation, he begins to care for those in need.

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“Hello, can you hear me?” asks the policeman. Then the voice of a woman working in the store is heard, who explains that she already tried to revive the man, but he did not react. It reports that the man was breathing. Unfortunately, when the policeman is already on the spot, the man no longer shows vital signs.

“Not breathing!” he says after a quick check and immediately begins CPR.

“They called an ambulance, make him hurry”

After a while, a second policeman appears on the spot, who informs the dispatcher that the resuscitation operation is in progress. He reports that the ambulance service is already informed, but adds to convey information that help is needed immediately.

“If you can, hurry up. Because it’s ringing here too” – he tells the duty officer.

The man was able to revive his lifePolice in Opole

Then, in the video, you can see how the police officers change while performing resuscitation. The first of the uniforms counts the chest compressions, and then briefly instructs: “Take over!”.

“There’s a pulse!”

After a while, rescuers from the Medical Rescue Team appear on the spot (their statements are abbreviated as “ZRM” in the recording), who instruct the policemen to pull the unconscious man from outside the cash registers to have better access to him.

“Krzysiu, give adrenaline, you’ll see there on time” – says a woman from the rescue team. The recording shows that – despite the high tension – everyone remains calm and gives clear instructions to each other.

Soon after, the 65-year-old is under a device that mechanically applies compressions to the chest and thus moves oxygen around the body, which is crucial to avoid brain damage.

“Okay, evaluation in five seconds,” says one of the rescuers.

“We have a pulse!” – is heard after a while.


The police in Opole inform that the 65-year-old was transported to the ambulance with the help of police officers.

– Although the condition of the injured man is serious, we hope that we will receive good news from the hospital soon – Dariusz Świątczak from the Opole Provincial Headquarters said.

The incident took place in one of the stores in Opole

Main photo source: Police in Opole

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