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Opposition before the elections, will there be one list? Grzegorz Schetyna: I will always say that the fewer letters, the better

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I wouldn’t make it a fetish that one opposition list gives a 100 percent victory and if there is no one list, we will lose the election – said Grzegorz Schetyna from the Civic Coalition on TVN24. According to the former chairman of the PO, “the fewer lists, the better”, because “you need to look for such constructions to facilitate your functioning”.

The opposition has still not decided in what form and on how many electoral lists it will go to the autumn parliamentary elections. The guest of “Piasecki’s Conversation” was an MP, former chairman of the Civic Platform Grzegorz Schetyna.

– We started to feed some of our voters with the idea of ​​one list, showing that only one list can win against PIS. If there is no single list, if this idea is not materialized, opposition voters, anti-PiS voters, say: “They can’t get along, they can’t reach an agreement, they won’t win the election,” he said.

Schetyna also noted that “PiS is returning to the poll support from a few months ago”, and this is due – in his opinion – to the fact that “PiS is teflon, fights all these scandals very hard and effectively, without translating them into poll results”.

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Grzegorz SchetynaTVN24

Schetyna: I will always say that the fewer letters, the better

He pointed out that “one opposition list mobilizes PiS voters and this must be taken into account.” – I would leave it (the idea of ​​one list – ed.), but I did not make it a fetish that one list gives 100 percent victory and if there is no one list, we will lose the election – said Schetyna.

– We build relations between the leaders and people of the opposition, we learn not to compete, not to fight with each other in this pre-campaign. We are looking for a common program denominator – he said.

– I will always say that the fewer letters, the better. You need to look for such constructions to facilitate your functioning, because these elections will be decided by a few or a dozen votes, added the former head of PO.

According to Schetyna, however, “some voters of the Civic Coalition would not like” a joint list with the Left. – Because of historical circumstances. This will not motivate all voters of the Civic Coalition, he assessed.

– I am in favor of relying on research laboratories, but that all opposition leaders should do it. The entire opposition should agree to back up their intuitions with research they can trust. This is the key to finding an agreement. There is no one golden key that will open all doors, he noted.

Schetyna about “grandmother’s”: I will defend this idea

Schetyna also spoke about the proposed by Donald Tusk “grandmother’s”. This idea was criticized by Leszek Balcerowicz, former prime minister and finance minister.

– I respectfully disagree with Professor Balcerowicz. If we said: “1000 zlotys or 1200 zlotys instead 500 plus“, then you can talk about populism – said Schetyna.

However, he noted that in the case of “grandmother” it is about “looking for opportunities to return to work”. – Launching this mechanism is interesting and is not simple populism. I will defend this idea.

Schetyna: local government officials should be on the front line of the opposition

The host cited the results of research, which show that 75 percent of opposition voters would like him to become prime minister Rafal Trzaskowski, and Donald Tusk in this role is seen by 67 percent of them. – This proves the great capital and social and political potential of Rafał Trzaskowski – said Schetyna.

– I believe that he, like many local government officials, should be in the first line of the democratic opposition, (they – ed.) should be with us in these elections – he said.

When asked if Tusk would be “dethroned”, he replied: – Dethronement is a failure, a departure. Nobody should leave.

– What Donald Tusk is doing today cannot cause us to close this stage and look for a new one. We must strengthen ourselves, open up, show that the opposition is building up, that it is strong – stressed the TVN24 guest.

Main photo source: TVN24

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